Xinhua Insurance plans to establish a health industry investment operation management platform

2022-08-30 0 By

On March 30, Xinhua Insurance management revealed at the 2021 annual results conference that the company’s “14th Five-Year plan” points out the direction for future development.Among them, Zhang Hong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president, introduced the development plan of the health industry during the “14th Five-year Plan”.During the period of “difference”, xinhua insurance, raising industry will develop around the life insurance business, focusing on individual customers, especially for high net worth clients, in order to solve the problem of pension, medical and other spot as the breakthrough point, to strengthen health industry investment layout, promote “online and offline business integration, in the form of” insurance + service “enhance the added value of the company’s products, promote the establishment of insurance customers keep ecosystem.Zhang Hong pointed out that Xinhua Insurance will take a series of measures to promote the development of health care business: first, set up a leading coordination group from the top, promote the main life insurance product innovation, especially strengthen the integration of product innovation with health care;The second is to plan and set up the investment operation management platform of the health care industry, and carry out overall management and professional operation of the existing health care resources and future health care projects.Third, in the promotion process, focus on the full life cycle services of high-end customers, especially the efficient coordination between the elderly care community and the main life insurance industry;Fourth, adhere to the “combination of light and heavy assets” health industry layout;Fifth, improve the layout of medical care and strengthen the integration of medical resources.Zhang Hong revealed that by the end of 2021, xinhua Insurance has signed 4,000 letters of residence qualification, corresponding to the accumulative receivable premiums of nearly 6 billion yuan.Xinhua Insurance’s fusion product (integrating health management services into insurance through cooperation between health management companies and major life insurance companies) was listed in 2021 and made profits.Xinhua rehabilitation hospital has been approved by the health sector at the beginning of this year, to obtain the qualification of medical insurance.Beijing Lotus Pool Apartments and Hainan Boao Lexiang Community have been put into operation. The first phase project of Yanqing Yixiang Community has been landed and is expected to start business this year.Zhang Hong said that Xinhua insurance health care industry has a promising future.The company will increase the construction of professional team and actively introduce talents according to market-oriented standards.