We often say that bamboo reports peace. Its origin is related to a poem, a legend, and a person

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Chinese New Year, everyone will say some auspicious wishes when they meet, “bamboo for peace” is also our favorite message.Do you know the origin of this sentence?The phrase “Bamboo reports peace” comes from Youyang Zazu Sequel: Zhi Zhi Xia written by Duan Chengshi in the Tang Dynasty: “There is a nest of bamboo in tongzi Temple in the North capital, only several feet long.According to legend, its temple gang Wei every daily bamboo peace.Beidu, refers to the Tang Dynasty Taiyuan Palace Jinyang City;Tongzi Temple is located in Longshan, west of Jinyang City. It was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty and was a famous royal temple in the Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties.In the Tongzi Temple in Beidu, there is a bamboo bush that only grows a few feet high. The monk who is responsible for the maintenance of the bamboo has to report the growth of the bamboo to the temple staff every day: the bamboo is growing very well and has not withered.Later people like to use “bamboo bao” to express peace.There was once a mountain ghost with a long body of more than two zhangs. People who met him would catch strange diseases.A man called Li Tian, in order to avoid the mountain ghost, threw bamboos into a fire. When the bamboos burned, they made a crackling sound. The mountain ghost was afraid to hear the crackling sound and ran away.This is also the origin of firecrackers during the New Year, intended to get rid of evil plague, to meet peace and joy.Folk auspicious patterns often appear drawing bamboo or children setting off firecrackers patterns, meaning is to offer peace.The origin of “bamboo reporting peace” is also related to Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty.Zheng He made many voyages to the Western Seas during the Reign of Yongle, and was stationed in Changle City many times, waiting for the right wind to set sail.Zheng He went to Kuzhu Village on the outskirts of The city of Changle to enjoy the scenery of Linghongtan Waterfall. He saw a stream with jagged rocks on both sides. The muddy stream rushed down with mud and mud, overflowed the dam and flooded the farmland and crops, and the people on both sides suffered deeply.Zheng He mobilized the local people to plant strips of bamboo on the river dam. As winter passed and spring came, bamboo shoots broke through the soil, their roots deeply rooted in the soil, and they soon grew into a large bamboo forest.When the rainy season came again, the muddy flood no longer put the dam burst, the river dam saved, farmers’ crops saved, farmers on both sides ushered in another bumper year.Since then, local people have pasted couplets reading “Blossoming riches and Prosperity” and “Wishing you peace with bamboo” on the lintels of their doors every New Year and festival.Bamboo is loved by the people because it symbolizes both peace and prosperity. “Bamboo symbolizes peace” has also become one of the best wishes for the people.