Watergate Bridge hit $2.3 billion, Hitman hit $1.2 billion, and Sniper finally turned the corner

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The counterattack drama of the Spring Festival has finally begun.On The fifth day of the Lunar New Year, China’s box office box sales reached 854 million yuan on February 5, the second highest single-day record in history, as the impact of the Winter Olympics was far less than expected.Prop up the market, of course, first of all, is still a procession of the gate bridge, the film a single-day topped 300 million for five consecutive days, 2 billion days to match the required in the same period last year “hello, Li Huanying” and its “long jin lake”, and advance, movie box office in 2.3 billion, currently in the mainland the history always the top 20.However, what is more interesting is that other films in the Spring Festival season have completely entered the state of “killing crazy”. After the box office exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, Maoyan’s prediction of the film’s box office has soared from less than 1 billion yuan on the first day of the Spring Festival to 2.7 billion yuan.It’s particularly heartening that after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was lauded by the Chinese and the world, audiences are finally beginning to support MOE’s film with real money. With Sniper starting to gain momentum, the Spring Festival story will finally take on a new look.Despite the dissuasion effect of high ticket prices, the cumulative box office just broke 5 billion yuan on the fifth day of the Spring Festival holiday, which was far lower than the number predicted by many institutions and once again hit the face of big data box office prediction. It was difficult to break last year’s record of 7.8 billion yuan.According to moviegoers, the market lost nearly a third of its audience from last year, with the “most expensive” Spring Festival season apparently failing to become another of the strongest.But in the cold wind of winter, there are always people who can go against the wind, such as Zhang Yimou, who created the most touching Chinese romantic in the coldest ice and snow.No matter how cold the winter is, it can’t stop the story of spring.”Hitman” “Kill crazy”, “Sniper” and “Miracle” back-to-back decline, Spring Festival is up again?According to the box office on the fifth day, the Spring Festival season of the Year of the Tiger is picking up.”Watergate Bridge” was down 7.2% month-on-month on its fifth day, marking a significant turnaround.The single-day box office of Hitman has remained close to 250 million yuan for three consecutive days, and the gap with Watergate Bridge’s single-day box office has narrowed to within 100 million yuan for the first time. If the film finally achieves the 2.7 billion yuan predicted by Maoyan, it will not only be the first maxi Happy comedy with little (actually zero) but over 2 billion yuan at the box office.It’s also the highest-grossing mag comedy since Shy Fist.”Wonder: Stupid Boy” went from strength to strength, dropping 8% from its opening day and breaking 100 million yuan in a single day, making it the most stable film in recent history.On the second day of the lunar New Year, the cinemas that were busy pulling the film from the screen made a collective miscalculation: this is definitely not a fan movie that relies on fans to prop up the box office, but a film of good quality for the masses.”Sniper” jumped more than 30 percent month-on-month, the single-day box office has surpassed “Four Seas”, the reason is obvious: Zhang Yimou.The film broke 50 million yuan in a single day over the first day of the Chinese New Year, the best performance since its release, the cumulative box office of five days has exceeded 200 million yuan mark, the reverse attack finally began.If from the beginning of the New Year, the market has shown a downward momentum, then in the Winter Olympic Games opened, why the fifth market instead began to improve?Combined with past Spring Festival experience, is bound to have a dark horse counterattack, constitute a strong core strength of the market.It is true that there are no big dark horses like Lee Hwan-young and Operation Red Sea this year, but both Hitman and Sniper are definitely dark horses.It is these beautiful movies, in this “despised” Spring Festival, that make some audiences who were prepared to “choose best” at high prices finally go to the cinema again, and prop up the box office in the latter part of the Spring Festival.Spring is finally back, though perhaps not for all Spring Festival films.The Hitman isn’t the best made-fun comedy, so what does its box office success say?At present, watching The Hitman has obviously become the biggest dark horse of the Spring Festival.Even the most optimistic predictors of Chinese New Year movies, like me, would not have guessed that the movie would hit 1.2 billion in just five days.But professional film critics were skeptical: “It’s just a second-rate adaptation, a second-rate Mahua Fun movie.”With a score of 6.7 on Douban, it also proves that professional fans don’t think this is a serious mahogany comedy.So why is the box office booming?To understand this problem, we should first understand why audiences watch movies during the Spring Festival.One of the most common factors is watching stars.Two is to see the big scene.The third is the topic movie and empathy effect, that is, “everyone has seen this movie, I have to go to see it, otherwise there will be no conversation”.That explains why Watergate Bridge was number one at the box office.To the stars, it has Wu Jingyi yangqixi, to the big scene, there is tsui Hark’s breathtaking scene.From the perspective of empathy, the film makes those distant troop numbers and soldier numbers become a more plump, flesh and blood soldiers.Completed the hero biography for seven companies.In the documentary “Frozen Changjin Lake”, a veteran said: “People who are alive always feel regret.”A lot of people don’t know what that means.But saw the ping river and thousands of miles of eye contact, Meisheng finally rushed to the enemy camp floating in the air photos, Yu Congrong finally roar, all understand.This is empathy.Several key elements of the box office have taken up the title. Who will win?But there is another big box-office factor. Only one film can satisfy this year’s Lunar New Year: for fun.Of the five live-action films slated for this year’s Spring Festival, only Hitman has a strong comedy genre.Although the Spring Festival is no longer a single “family” world, but in recent years, there are so many popular word of mouth, that everyone has ignored the “basic plate” of family comedy in the Spring Festival.In 2018, Red Sea Ops came back to top, but detective Chinatown 2, Monster Hunt 2 and Journey to the West were all family comedies that did well at the box office.In 2019, “The Wandering Earth” made a comeback, but “Crazy Aliens” and “Pegasus” also did well.In 2021, the family elements of Hello, Li Huanying are remembered, but Hello, Li Huanying is first and foremost a comedy family event.Now, professional film critics are making fun of the fact that “Hitman” is shot like a sketch collection, and Wei Xiang is acting like a sketch.But INSTEAD I say: like a sketch, isn’t that right?Love comedy audience, how can refuse a film form shot into the Godfather + comedy king type of qualified sketch with laughter and tears?After all, during Spring Festival, watching movies is not absolutely necessary, but laughing is definitely the most necessary.Hitman isn’t the best mahogany comedy, but it’s enough that it’s the funniest domestic comedy of the last two years.The final two questions for Chinese New Year: Can Miracle work miracles?Sniper is really getting crowded, huh?The final suspense for the rest of the Spring Festival season rests on two films: Miracle and Sniper.At the box office, neither has been a big winner so far. The former opened in second place on its opening day but saw its share of screenings fall from 21.4% to 14%, the biggest drop of its period.It is not because of the poor quality of the film, but the temperament of the film is not adapted to the Spring Festival season. “Entrepreneurship” is inspirational, but “seeing a doctor” and poverty are tragic. Such a highly acclaimed feature film is bound to be not pleasant enough.The latter took the top spot on Douban, and its five-day total box office only exceeded 200 million yuan. This was achieved on the condition that audiences supported Zhang Yimou, as genre fatigue caused by the two main theme war films during the Spring Festival had a huge impact on the box office.So strictly speaking, both films have chosen the wrong time slot. The former is obviously more suitable for the summer season when young audiences are gathering, while the latter is more likely to have a success at the box office when it is released on May 1 or National Day next year.But I’m still optimistic that the box office will continue to reverse the trend with two films in the wrong period.For no other reason than they are good movies.It is true that Miracle, compared with Dying to Survive, inevitably lacks some edge, but Wen muye still maintains his line and standard of realistic commercial films.The whole movie has a warm and inspirational temperament, emotional drama is moving, light comedy can also make me smile.Yi yangqianxi, who has been improving his acting skills, has been too tight in the past few plays, but this one finally relaxes.Wen Muye is still one of the best directors in the country to teach actors.But the most moving, or Wen Muye shot the bottom of the suffering, and happiness in suffering.The scene that moved me most in “Miracle” came after a storm.Rent due to pay water and electricity, JingHao workshop was the landlord relet, heavy rains hit, inventory seemed almost over, miracle squad arrived, the product packaging boxes, rain of cargo compartment, future uncertain, all too soon, live, someone carrying a mop, someone knock scrub spiderman helmet, someone to take thermos bottle, a chorus of “backward”.Despite the film’s shortcomings, I still want to thank Wen Muye for his gentleness towards us weedy little people, which I haven’t seen for a long time.”Sniper” is limited but enjoyable.It must be thanks to Zhang’s almost flawless technical skills and genre chops that, even with new actors and limited budgets, he manages to deliver a choppy, burning, tear-jerking 90 minutes.Although the box office is not outstanding at present, but both can rely on the word of mouth to go long-term type, after the start of the reverse trend, both should be able to earn higher box office after the Spring Festival than during the Spring Festival, the question is: two bullets shot after the Spring Festival, can eventually create a miracle?For the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the most important thing to sum up, of course, is the high ticket prices.I was actually able to understand why this is the most expensive in the history of the Spring Festival, for cinema, especially for small and medium-sized theater three or four line city, the Spring Festival file is “life-saving straw, especially in this year the main single-day schedule cinema repeatedly under the condition of low innovation, theaters will rely more on the integrity of the Spring Festival.But the goal should be to make as much money as possible, and the right way to make money isn’t by raising ticket prices.Because high ticket prices do not equal high box office, ticket prices times the number of people, is the box office.Like the wedding banquet to sell expensive useless, sell slightly more expensive than usual, eat more people, that just earn more.Many industry insiders are blinded by the so-called big data, big data tells us: in 2013, Chow Ye’s “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” won 500 million yuan in the Spring Festival box office, the following Spring Festival, 1.449 billion yuan, 1.81 billion yuan, 3.082 billion yuan, 3.419 billion yuan, 5.771 billion yuan, 5.905 billion yuan, 7.843 billion yuan.With the exception of 2020, which was absent due to the epidemic, the market has grown every year during the Spring Festival, while ticket prices have risen slightly in recent years.Therefore, a crazy and bold reasoning appeared: since the Spring Festival box office has been rising, the price increase in the past few years has not run away, so this year to play a bigger, increase 20%, average 60 tickets, some films 150+ ticket price, so not a big profit.The numbers are good, except for one thing: In 2021, the average Chinese saw 2.4 movies per person. Most people go to the cinema once a year.A slight 10% increase in ticket prices will make it more expensive, but if I have to pay a lot of money, wouldn’t that amount of offline entertainment taste good?Behind the crazy ticket prices, a group of smart industry insiders mistook the wealth password of the Spring Festival as the endless demand for moviegoing.But audiences need a lot of reasons to watch a movie: time, travel costs, theater services, stars, directors, ratings…For one reason only: tickets are too expensive.What’s worse, the habit of watching movies and watching movies during Spring Festival is hard to establish and easy to destroy.The film industry is still under great pressure after the Spring Festival holiday. It doesn’t matter if cinemas hurry up to earn a ticket during the Spring Festival holiday. The question is, will the rest of the year be over?Once audiences continue to watch fewer movies, is that a drink to quench their thirst?What is more terrible is that drinking doves may not quench thirst: ticket prices are moderate, moviegoers come up next time, don’t they earn more than now?What is the price hike for?No matter how high the ticket price is, there is no market. How can the film market return blood?Blindly raise the price of the industry giants, such a simple primary school math problem can not?From the sixth day of the Chinese New Year market screening, “Changjin Lake watergate Bridge” single-day screening ratio fell to just over 30%, relative to the second place continues to narrow advantage.Hitman, which edged up to 24.8% on the day, will remain strong.’Miracle’ bounced back to 14.6 percent, while ‘Sniper’ bounced back to 9.5 percent. Audiences are always telling theaters what the right screening is.Water can carry a boat but it can also overturn it.Filmmakers do not make a mistake, the market is not anyone can make a move, no matter how big, also big but the audience’s choice.Respect the audience and they’ll make you look good. Disrespect the audience and they’ll make you feel good.In the past few years, the ticket price of The Spring Festival has risen slightly and the market has risen greatly, which does not mean that this year’s ticket price will still break the record. The Spring Festival is far from the time for film producers and cinemas to walk sideways, but General Chang Weisi said well in “The Three-Body Problem” : human beings are too used to take many accidents as inevitable.During Spring Festival, the right choice is to cultivate audiences, not harvest them and lose them.Of course, if you think you are so good that you can ignore the market rules, that’s fine, but I suggest that you first think about whether your film has the ability to sell in the snow and ice, so that the audience will support it no matter how expensive the ticket price is.After all, China has only one Zhang Yimou.