Tianjin postponed the written test for 2022 public servant recruitment

2022-08-30 0 By

Tianjin, March 15 (reporter Wang Junyan)According to the news of “Tianjin Personnel Examination Online registration Public service platform”, Tianjin Civil Service Bureau issued a notice on March 15, in order to implement the deployment requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control in Tianjin, resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic, and protect the health and safety of examinees and examination staff, through research,It decided to postpone the written examination for the 2022 public servant recruitment in Tianjin, which was scheduled for March 26 and 27, 2022.The restart time of the written test will be further notified according to the situation of stabilizing the epidemic control.From now on, suspend examinee epidemiology investigation work.Test takers, please pay close attention to the tianjin public recruitment project site RSKS. HRSS. Tj. Gov. Cn released relevant information, learn about the latest test arrangement, consciously make health management at the same time, strengthen personal protection, active out less and gathered themselves together, and do not need not go to country (condition) outside and domestic outbreak in high-risk areas, lest affect for the exam.(End) (Chinanews.com)