The Volvo XC60 was secretly cut, and its owners found out

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Writing | liu’s son as Volvo’s thigh, XC60 seems troublesome, two years ago “resonance” events haven’t completely fade from living memory, is now the new thing on the stand.Recently, the author found that, in a car complaints website complaints rankings since January 1, Volvo XC60 second, second in size only to the end in a storm in core of euler good cat, what makes this month sales SiWuQianTai second-line luxury SUV complaints over Volkswagen, Toyota pin tens of thousands of models of the month?Further investigation reveals that of the 106 complaints about Volvo XC60 cars this year, nearly 70% were “suspected defective parts”. The defective parts were also concentrated in the rear door, where the induction opening function of the electric rear door was mysteriously castrated.It was not proper, and it was not well done.It is not uncommon in the circle that 4S stores do not know about the reduction in advance. Especially in the special period of chip shortage in the past year, many car companies have adopted the reduction method to deal with it.However, there are some differences in the way of allocation reduction. Most car companies will tell customers in advance how to reduce, how to make up, and what the corresponding subsidy scheme is.The market has proved that this kind of open approach is understood and accepted by the vast majority of people.But Volvo is different, similar to euler’s good cat, because both of them “sneak into the village for fear of disturbing the villagers.”According to the owners of the complaints, the author roughly comb out the context of an event.The complained vehicles, built between mid-October and late November and delivered between late November and early January, were mostly the 2022 B5 All-wheel-drive Zhiyuan model — the XC60’s best-selling model.For this model, in the manufacturer’s publicity materials, as well as in the 4S shop’s statements to customers, the tail door induction function is standard.One of the first to notice and complain that the tail-door sensor, commonly known as “One kick”, was missing was a driver in Shantou who ordered his car before China’s National Day last year, when various promotional materials showed the feature for the XC60 Zhiyuan. By the time he picked up the car in late November,In the 4S shop delivery inspection link found that there is no such function (allegedly at that time or other owners said after he knew).The 4S shop told the car owner at that time that they did not know, this is completely the manufacturer’s behavior, and there is no compensation measures.There was no notice in advance and no verbal measures afterwards, so the owners naturally refused.To understand the truth of the matter, the author recently visited two local Volvo 4S stores.A sales consultant at one of the stores said the cutbacks were true, but only for xc60s produced in October and November, and that they were not told or their customers who ordered the cars, and that they learned of them only after the car owners became rowdlers because of a chip shortage. But by October,And cars starting in December.At another store, the sales consultant even said that they still have some stock in their store that was built in November last year, and the delivery is random, because they don’t know which one doesn’t have the rear door sensor function…Later, THE author further called the hotline 400-678-1200 of Volvo customer Service Center, although the number can not be found on its official website (as shown below).Customer service staff told that the reduction of the corresponding batch of products is a normal measure of the manufacturer to deal with the supply chain problems, there is no false publicity, and some time ago, 4S stores around the country have been informed to do a good job of customer comfort.But in the most core of remedial measures, manufacturers said that the function cannot be late make-up, because involves the entire electrical system (late feel with euler good cat can’t replace the chip a route), as for any compensation, to will be subject to the 4 s shop with customers around the implication, can’t get compensation, is all a matter of personal ability.You know, the situation that THE author learned from the 4S shop is that they do not know anything about it, nor do they have any means of compensation.Strictly speaking, 4S shop in the middle, that taste is actually more disturbing than the owners.After all, even after the manufacturer notified them, let do a good job to appease the work, but can not fill, and there is no substantial compensation, they can do is to grinder, let the owners of the anger – if not, come again another day.In this regard, the owners have been angry, some owners said, “manufacturers have not positive response, called to find 4S shop to solve, but 4S shop said that the manufacturer behavior, the two sides of the ball kicking, just do not solve the problem, when we are leek.”Finally say the owner is leek, this thing is really hard to say.Shop, after all, big QiKe general will only happen in the real strong brand, Volvo for so many years still wander in the luxury brand second-line camp after a period of (in the domestic sales of 140000 units last year, the BBA as well as the red flag, Cadillac and lexus), has been that such things should not happen in it.Strictly speaking, “One kick” is not something you can’t do without. At most, it is the icing on the cake, and you can’t use it a few times a year, but Volvo’s “creeping into the village and shooting” low-level approach makes people feel like eating a fly, which annoys everyone.So far, fewer than 100 XC60 owners have taken action on the complaint site, and with that number, the manufacturer probably thinks they can’t make much of a dent.But the manufacturer may have forgotten that XC60 sales last year totaled more than 10,000 units in the two months to the end of the year, and based on the percentage of Zhiyuan sales, the actual number of affected owners should be more than half, thousands of people.What’s more, 3.15 is an important point of focus for the whole industry after the Spring Festival every year. I believe that any auto company does not want to be associated with it.It is not easy to establish a brand, especially for luxury high-end brands. In addition to excellent technical strength and design skills, it is impossible to achieve a real head without decades of reputation accumulation. However, it is quite easy for a brand to be destroyed, and a few bad experiences can make people refuse it.We believe that Volvo is more aware of this truth than ordinary users. We look forward to a satisfactory solution to the problem, and we will continue to follow the progress of the incident.Copyright notice: This article is the exclusive original manuscript, please do not reprint without authorization (pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact line foreign)