Pingwu heard | ten thousand mu of merlin with spring blossoms Spring’s poetic lure tourists enjoy “beauty”

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At the start of spring every year, when spring is warm and blooming, plum blossoms in ten thousand mu of land in Pingtong Qiang Nationality township, Pingwu County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, have been in full bloom as scheduled, allowing visitors to experience the poetry of spring during the Spring Festival.Ten thousand mu of ecological merlin on the hillside scattered, stretching into a piece, blossoming plum blossom proudly, from afar, a piece of flowers as brocade as snow;Close appreciation, white plum blossoming upright branches, small petals, delicate stamens, spotless white.Attracted by the name of tourists from all over the walk to enjoy the flowers, have taken photos.Tourist Wan Yuan said: “I came here for the first time to play, see the plum blossom here both into a piece of the bold and bold, and ‘small bridge flowing water family’ delicate graceful.It’s nice to be able to walk through the countryside and breathe in nature in the spring.”In order to enhance the quality of tourists’ experience, meet the diversified needs of the market and drive the local people to increase their income and become rich, the scenic spot upgraded the industrial road and other hardware facilities last year, and also enhanced the style and atmosphere of the courtyard landscape in the scenic area.After the upgrade, everything in the scenic area has been updated, and the increase in visitors has made the local villagers who run the farmhouse happy.”We are busy from 7 am to 10 PM these days,” said Xu Li, head of the farmhouse in Yeomei Chunxiang Garden. “We are getting more and more guests every day. Maybe three or four hundred people a day when the flowers bloom best.We usually make reservations, so it is better to make reservations in advance to minimize the waiting time when guests arrive.In recent years, Pingwu County has actively practiced the theory of “two mountains” and made use of ecological advantages to expand the brand of Pingwu fruit and plum, so that the clear water and green mountains can be transformed into gold and silver mountains. After long-term unremitting efforts, the area of merlin in the core area has grown from 5,000 mu in 2013 to more than 10,000 mu.Ping tong qiang wang, vice secretary of the township, the steward said: “the next step, we will develop the tourism industry advantage for brand advantage, merlin, terraced fields, plan to construct a group of mast QiangZhai big projects such as loop will Tian Geng culture, lily magnolia flowers, ancient qiang cultural resources such as the overall development of fusion, let farmers brigade fusion development as the basis of rural revitalization.”There are more than 100 ancient plum trees in Pingtong Meilin Scenic area, among which four or five hundred years old plum trees are not rare, the age and scale of ancient plum trees here are wonders in the whole country.Ten thousand mu of plum blossoms, which bloom for more than a month, are now in full bloom and will last until the end of the month.Take advantage of the sunshine to bring friends and relatives for this spring date!Source: live pingwu Jia Ying, Long Yuwei Editor: Li Fei, Wen Yan Supervisor: Li Wen, Donghua production: Times new governor media submission: