Paying for a hair transplant?I don’t think so

2022-08-30 0 By

After I had the idea of having hair transplants, many people around me said, “It is not easy to live, why do you have to beat yourself up and spend money to suffer that?””Isn’t it good for people to grow old naturally? The more they plant their hair, the less they will regret it.’Fortunately, I am not easily swayed.I want to do things, must be after many aspects of consideration, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages I will do.With hair transplants, I know exactly what I stand to lose and what I stand to gain.What I need to pay: 1. The pain of hair transplant surgery is necessary. Although there is no feeling during the operation, it takes a long time for the hair to grow, and it takes 12 months for the hair density to grow.You need to be patient.2. The recovery period is very short, basically the first day of hair transplant, the second day of work, hair density growth needs 12 months, this period of time may need to wait patiently, not rush.3. Do not swim, soak in hot springs, or scratch the hair transplant area one month after surgery. Go swimming and soak in hot springs at least one month later.What I can get: Hair transplants can solve the problem of baldness on the top of the head. It takes healthy hair from the back of the head and plants it on the front of the hair. Because the genes of the hair on the back of the head are different from the genes of the hair on the front of the head, the new hair, once it survives, will never fall off.The postoperative effect is definite and the maintenance time is very long.During the hair transplant process, the new hair will take in the fresh nutrients along with the adjacent hair, so the transplant can kill two birds with one stone.A lot of hair will support a good hairstyle and make you look at least five to ten years younger.Because of the hair transplant to get rid of the appearance of aging, the mood has changed, the whole person looks 5-10 years younger.Prefer to clean up their own, confident people the most beautiful!