Inspect construction projects to create a safe atmosphere

2022-08-30 0 By

In order to ensure the stability of work safety, epidemic prevention and control, and dust control of construction projects in the district, and to create a safe and harmonious social atmosphere, the law enforcement detachment of the District Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development carried out special inspections on epidemic prevention and control, work safety and civilized construction of 19 construction projects in the district during the Spring Festival holiday.The special inspection out eight law enforcement personnel, points to two inspection team, focusing on project unattended and leadership on duty shift, those of epidemic prevention and control, construction site fire prevention and control, and “six one hundred percent” dust control measures for inspection, existing problems put forward rectification opinions for individual project, project immediately after the rectification, eliminate the hidden danger in time.In the next step, the District Housing Commission will continue to strengthen the on-site supervision and management of construction projects, take targeted measures to improve the effectiveness of on-site supervision, timely eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers, and ensure the smooth and standardized construction projects.