6-5!Goodbye Japan!The Chinese women’s soccer team hugged in celebration after breaking a 14-year record by advancing to the final

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Beijing, Feb. 4 (Chinamil) — China’s Women’s Soccer team drew 1-1 in 94 minutes of regular time against Japan in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Soccer Cup in Beijing on Feb. 3, and scored a goal in 30 minutes of extra time to draw 2-2.China advanced to the Final of the Asian Cup by beating Japan 6-5 on aggregate thanks to veteran Wang Shanshan’s crucial penalty kick.It is the first time in 14 years that China has reached the Final of the Asian Women’s Cup since 2008.China’s opponent in the final is South Korea.After winning the game, the Chinese women’s football team embraced and reveled, with coach Shui Qingxia joining the ranks and the whole team celebrating the victory with cheers.After dominating Asian women’s soccer for more than a decade and even winning the World Cup in 2011, It was an exhilarating comeback win for China.In the whole match, The Chinese women’s football team came back from the dead for three times. The first time, the coach Shui Qingxia made a substitution in the first minute of the second half. Wu Chengshu scored a goal to equalize the score and finally had the chance to go into extra time.Then, in the extra time, China women’s football team was defeated by Japan first, leading to a 2-1 deficit. At that time, China women’s football team still did not give up. Veteran Wang Shanshan scored with 28 minutes of extra time, almost pulling China women’s football team back from the jaws of death to tie the score at 2-2.The third came to the rescue in the penalty shootout. Japan’s first penalty was saved, but China did not panic when goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved Nan Menghua’s penalty to give China the absolute advantage.In the end, veteran Wang Shanshan executed the last penalty kick and scored directly to win the Chinese women’s football team, the final score of 6-5!When falling behind, do not give up, do not panic, every turn to try their best, this is the biggest portrayal of the Chinese women’s football team this match, this competitive attitude is worth all praise, The Chinese women’s football team to restore the momentum of the former sonorous roses, their win is worth all the fans praise.From another point of view, more can reflect the Chinese women’s football team this match is not easy, the opponent Japan is the world champion, China’s main force Wang Shuang can not play, the whole match twice behind.In the Spring Festival holiday of 2022, The Chinese Women’s football Team gave the fans the best gift, which let the fans forget the helpless of the Chinese men’s football team’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam.The final against South Korea, looking forward to the Chinese women’s football team can win the team history of the 9th Asian Cup champion!(Lin Xiaoshi)