5G transmission technology guarantee, Hebei Mobile to help CCTV hd live torch relay

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On February 3, the Torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried out at five relay sites in Zhangjiakou: Nihewan Archaeological Park, Desheng Village, industrial culture theme park, Fulong ski Resort and Dajingmen.The 215 torchbearers from all over the country spread the Olympic spirit of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger and More United” throughout the 14.92-kilometer relay in Zhangjiakou.25 new communication base station, to guarantee the webcast unimpeded in January this year, hebei mobile site of YangYuan mud river and 5 torch relay site for careful investigation, combined with the municipal construction work and state television broadcast requirements, together with the partners set up a special working group, to develop network construction plan, a total of five point planning 25 new base station,This includes 14 4.9G band 5G base stations, six 2.6G band 5G base stations, and five 4G base stations.In order to efficiently complete the opening and optimization work, provincial and municipal mobile companies from the planning, design, arrival, station construction, construction, optimization test reverse schedule, all the equipment arrived on January 3, before January 15 to complete the opening of all sites, after the opening of the JOINT CCTV to complete the 5G backpack test and verification work.After 6 days of testing and optimization adjustment, all the test and optimization work was completed on January 21, and the sending rate met the CCTV upload requirement of 180Mbps.Before February 2nd, four simulation tests and drills were completed again, and the whole process of data transmission was high-speed and stable, meeting the high standard requirements of live video network.Since January 29, the torch relay of the Winter Olympics has entered a state of imminent guarantee.In order to fully complete the task of 5G video transmission guarantee for the torch relay, Hebei Mobile Zhangjiakou Branch has formulated the communication service guarantee scheme for the torch relay in detail, and carried out daily inspection, equipment health inspection and parameter verification for 82 base stations and 144 residential areas and optical cables involved in the torch relay, so as to timely complete optimization and adjustment.Make clear the front and background support personnel at each point, and formulate the prescribed actions of personnel at each post.All kinds of emergencies during the torch relay shall be discussed, and various contingency plans shall be formulated to ensure the overall communication guarantee of the torch relay.At 7 o ‘clock on February 3, all the reception staff of the five cities and counties arrived at the torch relay site. Before the start of the relay, the inspection of base stations and optical cables was completed again, and the key position support personnel were in place in advance.With the entrance of the winter Olympic flame, the gas burning flame, the audience applauded loudly, the first torch relay began, also from this moment, the front and back 87 security personnel officially entered the wartime security state, every point, every torch runner, every frame of video we guard the whole process.With the completion of the relay of the No. 225 torchbearer, the relay lasted 7 hours and 40 minutes, 14.92km in total, and 5G transmission did not have a single second or frame delay. The peak number of users was 12303, which successfully completed the 5G HIGH-DEFINITION video live mission of THE TORCH relay of CCTV!