14 political and legal bodies broadcast the trial of a massive electric fraud case, supervised by the Ministry of Public Security, with victims in 27 provinces

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From January 10 to 18, the “March 28” cross-border telecom network fraud case supervised by the Ministry of Public Security was held at the People’s Court of Xiji County, Guyuan city, Ningxia Province. The victims of the case covered 27 provinces.The trial was broadcast live on the Tiktok government account of the Xiji County People’s Court.In addition, the natural guyuan in ningxia city intermediate court, politics and law committee, ningxia autonomous region public security department, hainan politics and law committee, guangxi nanning city intermediate people’s court, intermediate people’s court of qiannan from 14 of political science and law institutions more than live in trill, attract more than 25 million people watched over the topic “and do trill netizens see trial study anti cheat” once on trill hot list first.The public prosecution authorities pointed out that a number of suspects in this case in overseas wechat, QQ accounts disguised as “Gao Fu Shuai”, “coin speculation expert”, “brush single assistant”, “stock tycoon” and other identities, in order to fall in love, chat about stock financial knowledge and other names to add the victim as friends, and the victim into the wechat, QQ group.Multiple suspects in the group cooperate with each other to trick the victim into “buying financial management” and “brushing”, etc., and then manipulate the background to create the illusion of loss, so that the victim mistakenly thought that investment failure.For this public prosecution organs charge, the defendant Zeng Ying, Zhong Shuihua, Wang Qiang and other 67 people, commit the crime of fraud, illegally cross the border (border) crime, help information network crime, cover up, conceal the crime offended, lure others to take drugs.The case involved 215 victims in 102 cities and counties in 27 provinces, involving more than 28.07 million yuan.During the live broadcast of the trial, political and legal organs set up anti-fraud tips such as “watch the live broadcast of the trial, learn legal knowledge, improve security awareness and prevent online fraud” on the bulletin board and comment area of the Tik Tok live broadcast room.In addition, “Anti-fraud police officer Chen”, who once taught anti-fraud knowledge in Douyin, also made a short video to analyze the methods of the gang involved in the crime, pointing out that pretending to be rich and handsome, managing money and skimming orders are typical methods of online fraud.He reminded netizens to refrain from greed, “it is very difficult to recover money after the telecom fraud case, I hope we try to do a good job of prevention.”Several lawyers have also recommended live streaming of the trial to fans on Douyin.Watching the trial, they say, is a lesson in anti-fraud.More than 1 million comments were posted during the nine-day live broadcast of the trial.In the comments section, netizens analyzed the methods of online fraud and discussed the progress of the case.Many netizens also use their own experience of being cheated to remind the audience, “do not be greedy for small bargains” and “heaven will not fall pie”.A person in charge of Douyin security center said that douyin will continue to fight against online fraud.In the fourth quarter of 2021, Douyin closed a total of 520,000 accounts suspected of fraud through anti-fraud model, anti-fraud strategy and user reporting, assisted public security organs in many places to crack down on 17 online fraud groups and arrested 208 criminal suspects.In addition to the direct crackdown, anti-fraud propaganda is also a major focus of Douyin.In 2021, the National Anti-fraud Center, local police affairs, Douyin Security Center, some creators in the form of short videos, live broadcast and other forms of douyin propaganda anti-fraud.By December 31, 2021, the platform had registered more than 4,500 accounts related to anti-fraud propaganda, and played anti-fraud propaganda videos for more than 13.6 billion times, with a total live time of more than 5,300 hours.All landowners