Zhu Xinyi cancer Sui Tang “the first time care” : let her have a good rest

2022-08-29 0 By

Journalists covering sui tang Li Xinrong/Taipei today (28) served as ambassador to quit the game, has heard zhu core instrument suffering from breast cancer, she said the first concern, hope she have a good rest, and temperature rise before hao because “sharp” wives affairs be scold, want to let the sui tang also play the “affairs” wives, sui tang shouted, “love illusive, hey!”Sui Tang served as ambassador for smoking cessation.Sui Tang said that if he took his children out and smelled smoke, the children would say, “It stinks!”She will soon take her children to leave the scene, but now the quality of the people is very good, few people will smoke in non-smoking places, recently busy filming, many people smoke in the cast, at this time she will become an ambassador to quit smoking, some people will ask, “smoking or staying up late, which harm?”Sui Tang although the moment stunned, but also said, “less a harm will always be better.”Sui Tang is concerned about Zhu Xin instrument for the first time.(figure/reporter Shang Xinghan perturbation) instrument in the past, and sui tang and zhu core shooting sharp person wife, heard zhu core instrument of cancer, and at that time are concerned about her, “said sui tang let her have a good rest, she actually encouraged to many people, she’s really good, the road is bad also very hard, and her make another film in cheer for oneself, it sounds very distressed,But let her rest.”And Wensheng hao performance “sharp people wife” affair was scolded, said that sui Tang also play an affair wife was scolded see, Sui Tang a listen to call, “roar! He really love grudge, may I have a chance next!”