You can swipe your money if it’s on your body?These personal financial information protection tips are important

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Today, with the deep integration of informatization and economic society, the illegal processing of personal information not only infringes on citizens’ privacy and peace of life, but also damages property rights and interests, and even threatens personal safety.Personal financial information protection is a practical need to protect the long-term and fundamental interests of financial consumers. At present, when financial infringement is frequent and diversified, it is also a practical need to respond to grassroots voices and social concerns.Recently, quanzhou Quangang District People’s Court accepted a bank card dispute case: A credit card holder in Quanzhou, Ms. Ye, received a mobile phone message that her credit card was frozen when overdue and affected Ms. Ye’s credit investigation, requiring Ms. Ye to contact customer service.Ms. Ye called the customer service number as prompted by SMS, and then opened a credit card virtual device card and provided the SMS verification code under the guidance of the other party.Twelve hours later, Ye received a text message from her bank informing her of a 34,999 yuan credit card charge.So far, Ms. Ye just suddenly realized, her credit card was stolen brush.Ms. Ye did not expect that her credit card number, contact number and other personal financial information has been mastered by fraudsters.After receiving a text message from an unknown number, she did not check the bill with the bank, did not know the function of the virtual card, and was not alert when the other person asked for the text message verification code.Judge prompt 01 personal financial information related knowledge 1, what is consumer personal financial information?Consumer information obtained by financial institutions and payment institutions in the course of providing financial products and services includes personally identifiable information, property information, account information, credit information, financial transaction information and information related to the purchase or use of financial products or services.2. What are the ways of personal financial information processing?It includes the collection, storage, use, processing, transmission, provision and disclosure of personal financial information.3. What are consumers’ rights to personal financial information?It includes the right to know, the right to decide, the right to inquire, the right to correct, and the right to delete.4. What should I do if MY personal financial information is infringed?You can choose the following ways: First encourage to complain to the bank, payment institutions for negotiation;Lodge a complaint with the branch of the People’s Bank of China at the place where the bank or payment institution has its domicile, where the contract is signed or where the business operation occurs;In case of transactions through e-commerce or network, a complaint shall be filed with the branch office of the People’s Bank of China where the bank or payment institution has its domicile;Complain to 12378 hotline Fujian Branch center;Apply to the mediation organization for mediation and neutral evaluation to obtain reasonable reference suggestions.1, to take good care of the ID card, bank card, bank (payment) account, do not rent, lend, buy and sell;2. Do not disclose bank card number, account password, ID number, SMS verification code and other important information to others, and do not leave personal financial information in various online and offline channels at will;3, as far as possible to handle financial business, do not entrust unfamiliar people or agents to prevent fraud and theft;4. When handling business with a third party or downloading mobile APP, read the relevant agreement carefully, carefully fill in personal information, and do not authorize others to process personal information at will;5, provide a copy of the ID card to indicate the purpose, do not throw away credit card vouchers, credit card statements, etc., timely destroy the invalid financial business documents;6, do not randomly click on the unknown source of mobile phone text messages, emails and unknown links, do not randomly scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of unknown origin, cautious use of public WiFi, non-secret WiFi;7. Pay attention to the balance changes of financial accounts and verify relevant transaction information timely;8. If personal financial information is found to be leaked, contact relevant departments in time to protect their rights.The important principles of handling personal Financial Information The consent of individuals should be obtained on the premise of full advance notice, and individuals have the right to withdraw consent;Where important matters are changed, consent of the individual shall be obtained again;No one may refuse to provide products or services on the grounds of personal disapproval.The Protection of consumer financial information is stipulated in the special chapter of the Measures of the People’s Bank of China for the Protection of The Rights and Interests of Financial Consumers, which came into effect on November 1, 2020.The Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, which will come into effect on January 1, 2021, also provides for the protection of privacy and personal information in the Personality Right section, providing legal protection for personal information.The Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, which will come into force on November 1, 2021, is a special legislation on the protection of personal information. It is in line with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and forms a more systematic, targeted and complete legal system.1, civil liability: Infringement of personal information rights and interests resulting in damage, personal information processing can not prove that he is not at fault, shall be liable for damages.2. Administrative punishment: confiscation of illegal income;Fine;Order to suspend or terminate the provision of services;To suspend relevant business and suspend business for rectification;Revoking relevant business licenses or business licenses;Persons directly responsible shall not be directors, supervisors, other senior managers or persons in charge of personal information protection of relevant enterprises;Illegal acts shall be recorded in credit archives;Public security administration penalty.3. Criminal responsibility: Those who infringe upon the rights and interests of many individuals and constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Source: Wechat official account of Fujian High People’s Court