Wudi: Integrate martial arts into physical education and carry out the “first lesson of the new semester” featured course

2022-08-29 0 By

Qilu network · Lightning news February 17, Wudi County Difeng Street Central Primary school held the “first lesson”, the school playground more than 200 fifth grade students, under the guidance of the martial arts teacher practice “idea boxing” routine, practice the new semester spirit.The physical health of students is the cornerstone of national health.Di fung street central primary school play with municipal intangible “idea boxing” this resource advantage, innovation to carry out “the first class” of school characteristic curriculum, the martial arts in physical education teaching, help students to have fun in exercise, enhanced physique, healthy personality and exercise will, promotes the students’ culture learning and sports exercise both the coordinated development,Also enhanced the students’ enterprising consciousness to build a strong country.Liang Shujun, physical education teacher of Difeng Street Central Primary School in Wudi County and inheritor of the municipal project idea boxing, said, “We welcome the first day of school with kung fu. We hope students can start a New Year with wisdom and diligence just like kung fu.”Lightning news reporter Zhou Jianhui without Di Tai Zhao Yanshun reports