Us students call for gun policy reform: four of their classmates have been killed in shootings

2022-08-29 0 By

This article was transferred from;Oxford high school teachers and students to panic when shooting fled overseas network feb 27 (Reuters) a Michigan Oxford high school students on Wednesday (23) with others before the state’s parliament building called for reform of guns, she Shared her on that day in Oxford high school shootings in November, the shooting resulted in the death of her four classmates.Zoe Touray of Oxford High School said she escaped through a classroom window and held the hand of a friend who had been shot, while sending a terrified text message to her mother telling her she loved her, the Dutch Sentinel reported Sunday.”I can still see hundreds of familiar faces running around me, running for their lives, and the grocery store became our refuge.”Toure recalled.”The next day I got the news that my friend Justin had died.”Touray’s four classmates were among several students and a teacher shot and killed at Oxford High School in Detroit, Michigan, on November 30.Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old high school sophomore, was later charged with murder, terrorism and other charges stemming from the shooting.The parents face manslaughter charges, accused of letting their son use the gun and failing to intervene after he showed signs of emotional distress and violent thoughts.Local gun violence prevention groups are talking about gun violence and calling on the legislature to pass gun reform bills.However, the house committee did not comment on whether the bill would be discussed.Toure said she and other classmates were traumatized after the shooting, with some unable to return to school.If lawmakers had acted earlier with students’ best interests in mind, she said, her friends would be celebrating birthdays and graduations instead of “drowning every minute in pain and grief.””We need the authorities to be proactive, not reactive.Our lawmakers have the power to save the next school and countless children’s lives.”Toure said.”We should feel safe in school.”(Hou Xingchuan, Overseas Network)