The four drank five bottles of liquor, and the man fell and vomited blood and was rushed to hospital

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On April 1, a man fell down and vomited blood due to excessive drinking on the streets of Zhengzhou. The patrol members of Jinshui District saw the accident and quickly called 120 for help.At about 15 o ‘clock, Jinshui District Fengshan Road street patrol team Xu Laotie, Xie Jingquan, Hou Yinsong patrol to agricultural road and Dongming road intersection to the north 100 meters, a lady came forward to ask for help said her husband and friends at noon together, because of excessive drinking vomiting blood coma lost consciousness.Tell, her husband and friends, a total of 4 people how to drink 5 bottles of liquor, at her worry accident did, but not listen to discourage, after more than a few people to drink drink all the wine on the table to go, after the end of a banquet friends had left, she helped her husband walking home to rest, the husband suddenly fell to the ground and on the way vomiting blood, some scared her out of her wits.After checking the man’s condition, the scouts judged that the man was bleeding in his stomach due to excessive alcohol consumption. Seeing the man was drunk and unconscious, they quickly dialed 120 for help.Five minutes later, an ambulance arrived at the scene, and medical staff checked and helped the drunk man. Later, with the help of scouts, the man was pulled to the hospital for treatment.Zheng Daily all media here to remind, “drink pleasant, drunk harm body”, excessive drinking will not only consume blood, damage the liver, long-term alcoholism will also cause alcohol toxic psychosis, at the same time, excessive drinking will cause safety risks, there is an accident with drinking to persuade people to bear certain legal responsibility.(Zhengguan News reporter Wang Yongsen correspondent Hou Zhiwei)