Spring Festival Jiangcheng Performance Market concert with “afternoon tea” dialect play let you “open music”

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Wuhan minstrel dialect comedy “extended head to meet the stone” Chutian Metropolis Daily extreme news reporter Zhang Cong concert presented classical music, children’s play end beaming, dialect drama let you laugh, Beijing and Han Chu drama exhibition drama light……Jimunews reporters from wuhan performance venues and art troupes learned that the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, jiangcheng performance market stage after stage.See what you have!On February 3rd (the third day of the Chinese New Year), qintai Concert Hall will be the first to perform.From February 3rd to 6th, every day at 14:30, there will be a concert for fans.At that time, saxophonist Shi Xueqi and Bayan accordion player Li Chiran will play the classic Spring Festival music “afternoon tea”, in the form of explanation and interpretation, romantic reappear “My Heart will Go on”, “Jasmine flower”, “Evening outside Moscow”, “Free Tango”, “Hawthorn tree” and other Chinese and foreign famous songs;The artists of The Chamber Orchestra of Hubei Symphony Orchestra will present “World Classic Music Concert” and “Chinese and Foreign Classic Works Concert” on the afternoon of the fifth and sixth day of the ninth day.At 15:30 on February 4th, Qintai Grand Theater will welcome the Family Entertainment Quality Variety Show.At that time, there will be a large number of young artists from Wuhan who will present wonderful singing, dancing, acrobatics, dancing and one-string performance for the audience.According to the introduction, among the artists participating in this variety show, there are young singers Xu Shijie, Dong Yanfeng, Zhu Jin, Hubei single string pull opera inheritors Xing Ye, Xing Can, there are young dancers Xiao Xuefeng, Song Lele…At 14:30 on February 5th and 6th, the acrobatic drama City of Heroes continued to be staged in Wuhan Acrobatic Hall.Almost all of Wuhan’s acrobatic ingenuity and the memorable years of 2020 are encapsulated in this show.Dialect comedy broadcast happy Chinese New Year to see the Han school dialect comedy, is a lot of Wuhan audience “reserved program”.This Spring Festival, they have a new choice — “Sticking out your Head to Catch a Stone,” created by the Wuhan Singing Ensemble after a gap of four years, will be performed at hubei Theater on Feb 4.On Feb. 5 and 6, the actors will walk into wuhan Theater to bring joy to more audiences.The drama “These Years”, which depicts the “40 years of Wuhan”, will be staged at Zhongnan Theatre on February 4 and 5.Children’s plays will also continue to entertain children during the Spring Festival.On February 5 and 6, Wuhan Folk Art Troupe will stage “Fish from the Stars” and “Kaka’s Lovely License Plate” at the Children’s Theatre and puppet Theatre of Central South Theatre, while Hubei Theatre will present “Simba the Lion King”, “Yang Qilang Beating his Drum” and “Pig Eight Jie Carrying His Wife on His back”.This Spring Festival, drama fans won’t be lonely either.February 4-8, hubei opera house will be on beauty big stage continuous 5 drama: the Xue Ping expensive, about Mr Vang love story “red spirited mane”, “phoenix nest also MeiPa stage, old, height difference, tsing yi three business that pay equal attention to the traditional drama” DaBaoGuo, ground tomb, repeat offenders “, Beijing Opera classic “koga agent mother”, Cheng Pa classic “the lucky purse” and so on.On Feb.5 and feb.6, Wuhan Han Opera House will present Han opera “Liu Bei Calls for Relatives” and “Full House” at the People’s Theater.The latter, as a traditional opening drama, is starred by national first-class actors Xiong Guoqiang, Lu Yuhua and Huang Yan ‘an;Wuhan Chu Theatre will present “Standing on the Flower Wall”, “Beating The Golden Branch”, “Sister-in-law Xian”, “Book Watching”, etc.Wuhan Peking Opera Theater will perform “Big Eight Immortals”, “Matchmaker”, “Eight Treasures soup” and so on at tianyi Theater.Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily