Shijiazhuang Daily commentator article: to emancipate the mind again, open again expand to promote development again accelerate

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Thinking determines the way out. Openness brings progress.The conference is a very important meeting held by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government on the basis of scientific and accurate grasp of the current situation and in-depth analysis of the development status of our city.The meeting was closely related to development, urging the whole city to follow the lead of emancipating the mind, promote reform, development and innovation with high-level opening-up, and speed up the building of a modern, internationalized and beautiful provincial capital city.The whole city general party member cadre masses must be united to thought and action to the requirements of the municipal party committee, municipal government to deploy in order to “pragmatic hing stone,” the world the spirit of the bear, hold fast to the years of support, the key of every minute, in the mind to the concept of liberation, to update the leave again, open action, promote the development of the city’s high quality achieve greater breakthroughs,We will provide strong impetus and vitality for achieving the goal of exceeding one trillion yuan in GDP and overtaking cars on curves.”There is no end to emancipating the mind, nor to reform and opening up.”At present, for Shijiazhuang, to further emancipate the mind and expand opening up is an urgent need to cope with the “triple pressure” of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectation. It is an inevitable choice to speed up the construction of a modernized and internationalized beautiful provincial capital city. It is also an internal requirement to gather advanced resources and achieve overtaking on the curve.Only by further emancipating our minds and improving the level of opening-up, can we make better use of both domestic and international markets and resources, actively build and integrate into the new development pattern, open up a new world, create new competitive advantages, achieve new breakthroughs in development, and only then can Shijiazhuang have a way out and a future.In perspective, compared to the past, the city cadre thought liberation degree, the level of opening to the outside world have obvious progress, but in some places, some party members and cadres, and also there is still a conformism, vision is not wide, adventurous, such as backward thinking, as a result, cause we are extroverted degree, international communication, etc., with advanced cities there is a certain gap,As a result, shijiazhuang’s international public services such as education and medical services are not high enough, and its function as a carrier of provincial capital has not been fully played.The backwardness of ideas is the most terrible backwardness, and the imprison of ideas is the biggest obstacle to development.All levels and departments must resolutely overcome unhealthy ideological tendencies, work hard to strengthen their weak points, and take shijiazhuang out of hebei province and the whole country. They must be the “vanguard” of ideological emancipation and the “trendsetter” of reform and opening up.To comprehensively raise the level of opening-up, we must build high-quality platforms and carriers.Only a high-standard platform can effectively gather high-quality development elements.All localities and levels should adhere to a high starting point of planning, high-level design and high-standard construction with the spirit and attitude of winning every flag and striving for the best. Key parks such as the International Biomedical Park, the new generation electronic information Industrial Park and platforms such as the Shijiazhuang Free Trade Zone should be built as “demonstration Windows” to promote the opening and development of Shijiazhuang.Adhere to the combination of inviting in and going out, guide and support enterprises to actively participate in various international exchange activities, strive for more international conferences, exhibitions and events to be held in Shijiazhuang, and continuously improve the international influence and visibility of Shijiazhuang.To comprehensively open up to the outside world, we must foster a first-class environment for opening up and development.Environment is both productivity and competitiveness.All levels and departments should stick to the construction of “hard environment” and fully display the charming city image that makes Shijiazhuang people proud and outsiders yearn for.Focusing on the improvement of the “soft environment”, we will deepen the reform of “delegating power and improving regulation and services”, continuously improve the trade and investment environment, improve various policies and measures, and attract more high-quality projects, enterprises, high-end talents and teams from home and abroad to zhuhai with first-class development environment and first-class opening-up policies, so as to comprehensively raise the level of opening-up and development of Zhuhai.To comprehensively raise the level of opening up, we must further improve the mechanism of opening up.Sound institutions and mechanisms provide a solid guarantee for opening up. We need to expand and deepen opening up more effectively by promoting institution-based opening up.We need to improve the mechanism for bringing in talented people, optimize policies for bringing in talented people, and make innovations in the mechanism for managing and evaluating talented people, so that talented people can stay and do a good job.We will improve the investment guarantee mechanism to ensure that investment is profitable, enterprises are profitable, and their safety is guaranteed.We will improve the fair market mechanism, give equal treatment to all types of domestic and foreign enterprises, and promote the formation of a unified, open and modern market system with orderly competition.It is of great significance and imperative to further emancipate our minds and open wider to the outside world.The development of Shijiazhuang fully proves that opening-up is where our gap lies, our potential lies and our hope lies.Let us in the meeting as an opportunity to gather further emancipate the mind, powerful force to open still wider to the outside world, let the world pay more attention to shijiazhuang, shijiazhuang to better world, constantly start to speed up the construction of modernization, internationalization and beautiful capital city of new situation, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.Source: Shijiazhuang Daily client