Loyal to the “Chivalry” Feng Jieyu

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In the first year of Jian Zhao, Emperor Yuan of Han, who had always been fond of watching beast fights, became interested again. His entourage accompanied him, and the royal family and concubines were invited to the tiger circle to “watch the battle”…The circle of beasts are fighting, the emperor and the concubines are immersed in the view 擵 animals in full swing in the performance……Suddenly, a bear jumped out of the ring, like revenge on the “watching” crowd…All of a sudden, the people who are “sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight” are blindsided by the bear’s “zero distance closeness”, and the concubines and attendants run away in panic…Even the emperor’s favorite Fu Zhaoyi also left the emperor only fled……See the wild bear is climbing the railing to the emperor……Sitting in the front row, Emperor Yuan of The Han Dynasty saw the bear approaching and was transfixed by fear. In a flash, a shadow flashed by…The emperor of Han and Yuan lost his mind and suddenly disappeared…By the time Emperor Yuan came to his senses, the guards had already overpowered the bear.After the han Dynasty yuan Emperor just wake up: in the Han Dynasty Yuan Emperor critical moment of crisis, the lunge forward to block state attack figure is Feng Jieyu.This agile and bold Feng Jieyu, its majestic momentum, even the fierce bear was scared to leng, for the guards came to save time.When they fled for their lives, feng Jieyu, who was able to protect emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty without fear, the emperor asked: “When they are frightened, how dare to stand in front of the bear?”I saw the bold and witty Feng Jieyu calmly back to the emperor: “I heard that as long as the beast successfully attacked, it will stop, I was afraid of the bear hurt your Majesty, I first sent myself to the past.Yuan Emperor of the Han Dynasty was greatly impressed and moved.A loyal and bold female, its witty response to the crisis not disorderly action has become the future generations of “Jieyu Bear” beautiful story.