Loser likes to eat feet. Mom came up with the “Dirty idea”

2022-08-29 0 By

Hello, everyone, welcome to Dayantian comics, I am the author of dayantian take you into the world of comics.Coptis, Chinese medicine name.What funny thing happened to The buttercup coptischinensis and the triangle leaf coptis today? We are looking forward to the funny thing that happened to the buttercup coptischinensis and the triangle leaf coptis today. Little buttercup likes to eat feet, eat while lying down, eat while holding her head up, eat while rolling, and eat all kinds of food.O this failure in eat foot again, failure mother walked to come over, eat foot feel bad, the failure since then, never eat foot, thought o failure if foot saved to now, only the failure put its foot in his mouth, on one side of the cover your nose abandon, big face younger sister saw o failure thought his own personality, that was brutal.All right, that’s all for this comic, see you next time if you want to learn more, come to the student comic Ah Shuai loves literature, and has written the fifth largest literature!The little loser bet with the kid not to talk, but the bet is this!