Lintong: the woman accidentally lost her mobile phone police successfully help her find

2022-08-29 0 By

Sanqin city daily – Sanqin network news (reporter Li Jia) “DID not expect you really help me find the mobile phone, thank you too!”.After receiving her accidentally lost iPhone from the police of Lishan Police Station, Ms. Bi repeatedly thanked the police.At noon on February 8, lishan Police station received a call for help from Ms. Bi that she had just lost a white iPhone in front of lintong District Maternal and child Health Care Hospital.After receiving the alarm, the police on duty Liu Chaoyang, Zhang Kaining rushed to the scene to investigate.After asking in detail how Ms. Bi lost her phone, Liu Chaoyang and Zhang Kaining immediately set out to find clues.After visiting the people around and checking the video surveillance in front of the hospital, they found that Ms. Bi accidentally took her mobile phone out of her pocket and dropped it on the ground, which was then picked up by a driver passing by.After discovering this clue, Liu Chaoyang and Zhang Kaining contacted the driver who picked up Ms. Bi’s mobile phone according to the vehicle information.At first, the driver was emotional and denied it.After more than 10 minutes of legal education, he realized the possible legal consequences and promised to send the phone to the police station as soon as possible.After a while, the driver entrusted a friend to send Ms. Bi’s mobile phone to the Lishan Police station duty room.After getting the mobile phone, Liu Zhaoyang and Zhang Kaining informed Ms. Bi to come to the police station to claim it.