Li Qiang, secretary of Chang ‘an District Party Committee, arranged the environmental improvement of Fuxing Avenue, Xincheng Avenue and east Second Ring Road

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In the morning of February 4th, Li Qiang, secretary of the District Party Committee, presided over a special meeting to study the demolition and environmental improvement of unauthorized construction on fuxing Street, Xincheng Avenue and both sides of east Second Ring Road.Mu Deying, deputy secretary of district Committee and district head attended the meeting and made comments.Li Qiang pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the city has achieved remarkable results in the special rectification campaign of illegal construction and illegal construction, which has removed fairness and justice, expanded the urban space and improved the image of the city.Changan area as the construction of modernization, internationalization beautiful key battleground in the provincial capital city, the main force, must be resolute, pressure to forge ahead, to promote the jurisdiction on both sides of the Renaissance, new city street boulevard and the neo-treasure hill dismantling and upgrading environmental renovation work, for the entire district extraordinary economic and social development, powerful guarantee for the development of high quality.Li Qiang stressed that one must adhere to the determination to comprehensively improve.Adhering to the principle of “unauthorized construction must be demolished, legally retained, and renovated and upgraded”, all the buildings on both sides of the three roads that are unsightly should be thoroughly identified, and renovation plans should be put forward to resolutely and completely demolish them in place.Second, we need to carry out our responsibilities with leadership taking the lead.The establishment of specialized agencies, by the district party committee, the district government of the main leadership, coordination and command of the district leadership, Baozhen block leadership sinking line, the relevant towns and streets to give full play to the role of grassroots law enforcement team, the formation of a strong force.Third, we must adhere to scientific arrangements and speed up the rectification process.The situation is pressing, time waits for no one, and we must do everything possible to speed things up.Scientific coordination of atmospheric prevention and removal of illegal works, relocation of the current first, to make full preparations for centralized removal of illegal works.Fourth, we must define our policies in accordance with the law and apply them on a case-by-case basis.Carry out a comprehensive analysis of all kinds of buildings, resolutely dismantle without formalities, beautify and enhance with formalities, help difficult households to solve practical difficulties, to ensure the smooth implementation of dismantling and violation.Source: Office of Chang ‘an District Committee