Kawhi kawhi won when he switched teams. Lebron James was traded

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NBA league is a commercial league, for teams and players, can be said to be a two-way selection process.Especially the big stars in the league, they are the ones who hold the initiative.It’s not easy to go through a career without being traded, either with steph, Lillard, giannis antetokounmpo, or just as a free agent.Here are five big names that have been traded before.There is no doubt about Paul’s personal ability. He was a talented point guard who rose to fame as a kid, playing for hornets, Clippers, Rockets, Thunder and SUNS in his career.No matter which team he plays on, he is plug-and-play and always takes the team to the next level.But Paul has had his share of doubts. he has been traded several times in his career.It’s just that since being traded, Paul has always been able to prove himself, and he’s still a superstar at 36.One of the best shooting guards in the league today, Harden has also had a successful career.He followed a different trajectory than Paul, coming off the bench early in his career with the Thunder.He failed to land a big contract and was traded by the Thunder.After the success in the Rockets, for the championship again out of the nets.Now that he’s broken with the Nets, Harden has asked to leave the team, and he’s once again traded to the 76ers, starting a new phase.As one of the faces of the NBA today, Durant’s personal ability is beyond doubt.No matter what team he plays for, he’s at the top of the league.No team would be stupid enough to trade him, but in 2019, the Warriors failed to win the championship.Durant and the team also had a huge rift.At that time, he was determined to leave the team, and finally reached an understanding with the team, through a sign-and-trade to join the Nets, but also to return some assets.Kawhi kawhi’s story is also legendary. When he first came to the league, he was just an unknown defensive engineer.They were traded to the Spurs on draft night, and they felt the cruelty when they first entered the league.He went on to win a championship with the Spurs, an FMVP trophy, and other honors.However, since the injury problem, Leonard and the Spurs are also strained.A contract extension stalled, and he was eventually traded to the Raptors, where he also won championships and played flawlessly.In the mind of many fans, James is a conscientious representative.He is too good and committed to play under contract to be traded.But lebron has actually been traded before, back in 2010.James had already made his decision to join Miami, but he was also very attached to the Cavaliers after seven years with the team.In a sign-and-trade deal, James was sent to the Heat for a bundle of assets.