How to join senge integrated kitchen?How to choose the brand of integrated kitchen?

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How to choose the brand of integrated kitchen?How to join senge integrated kitchen?What are the new trends in choosing integrated stove vendors in 2022?Choose in integration and intelligent these two aspects do well in the Song integrated kitchen join it, it makes your entrepreneurial road more stable.On the one hand, the new generation, represented by the post-90s and post-00s, has risen rapidly and begun to become a new generation of mainstream consumers.A new “integrated concept” has arrived, and the integrated kitchen concept of smart cookstoves is also gaining popularity.For example, the embedded steam oven of senge integrated kitchen, steam baked integrated kitchen, steam baked independent integrated kitchen, etc., can meet the needs of various cooking methods, saving kitchen space already, and convenient life.On the other hand, the price is not the main consideration in the process that consumer buys home appliance, what replace is the element such as health, quality, intelligence.For example, the design of Senge i5ZK intelligent steaming and baking integrated stove aims to simplify every cooking step. One-key setting of temperature time, intelligent recipes, accurate temperature control, etc., can bring consumers a healthier, safer and more intelligent user experience.Integrated kitchen brand agent which brand to choose?How much is senge integrated kitchen to join the phone?Is Senge good for integrated kitchen franchisee?At the beginning of joining the company, I visited several integrated kitchen manufacturers. During the investigation, I found that Sengle integrated kitchen has many potential advantages.On the one hand, I find that the team of Sunsong company is very strong in product innovation.On the other hand, for franchisees, especially for us female franchisees, the support of brand companies at the beginning of entrepreneurship is undoubtedly very important, involving decoration, store design, initial activities and so on.After I decided to join Senge, the Senge team gave me too much support in this aspect. With the help of the regional manager, my store was successfully opened.To my delight, now my Sunge exclusive store products are being updated generation after generation, and innovative technologies are becoming more competitive in the market, which has occupied a solid market share in the local market, which also shows that I made the right choice to join in the first place.