From the performance forecast to see the listed company’s ability to adapt to the environment

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From the performance forecast to see the ability of listed companies to adapt to the environment with the arrival of the last day of the performance forecast on January 28, whether the pre-happy or pre-worried listed companies, as long as the provisions must be forecast, are in the last day of the final announcement.From the preview of the situation, it is really someone happy and someone worried.What is different is that the macro environment has undergone great changes, especially the external environment has undergone great changes and there are many uncertain factors.Therefore, the degree of joy and sorrow of the performance announcement of listed companies has also changed to a certain extent, which seems to be more obvious than in previous years, and the differentiation phenomenon is more prominent.From the aspect of joy, the number of forecast profits of many enterprises, especially the early forecast, most of them are pre-happy, so as to play a positive boost to the stock price of enterprises.And the profits of pre-happy enterprises, naturally, there are more or less, less than hundreds of thousands of yuan, millions of yuan, tens of millions of yuan, more than a billion, billions, tens of billions, even hundreds of billions.The performance of the pre – happy situation, each has different.Some of the industry environment has undergone relatively large changes, to provide enterprises with performance growth opportunities.For example, Sinochem International is expected to have a net profit of 2.1 billion yuan to 2.73 billion yuan in 2021 as a listed company, which is closely related to changes in the international market environment. Rising prices of chemical raw materials are the main factors contributing to corporate profits.In addition to Sinochem international, Satellite Chemical, estimated annual net profit of 5.7 billion yuan to 6.3 billion yuan, Yuan Xing Energy estimated 4.85 billion yuan to 5.05 billion yuan, as well.The annual net profit of Zhongyuan Haifa is expected to reach 5.8 billion yuan to 6.8 billion yuan, which is closely related to the tight capacity of the international market and the serious shortage of capacity.Thanks to the industry tuyere, also in the past year profit is very pleasing, net profit beyond imagination.Such as Ningde Times, the annual net profit attributable to listed companies reached 14 billion to 16.5 billion yuan, becoming a veritable “King of Ning”, which is closely related to the rapid popularity of new energy vehicles, the rapid increase in the demand for batteries, and the lithium industry is vigorously sought after.Not only Ningde times, ganfeng Lithium, another industry giant, in 2021 attributable to the listed company’s net profit is also expected to reach 4.8 billion to 5.5 billion yuan.And the old high – margin companies, also in the past year still prosperous, profitability has not weakened.China Mobile, for example, is expected to post a net profit of 110 billion yuan in 2021, while Kweichow Moutai, another high-margin company, is expected to post an annual net profit of 52 billion yuan.Even if the industry as a whole is too competitive.Sf Holding, which has seen rising operating costs, is expected to achieve 4.2 billion to 4.4 billion yuan in net profit attributable to listed companies in 2021 despite a significant decline in performance.Small and medium-sized listed companies, which cannot compete with large companies in terms of volume of profits, compete with large companies in terms of growth rates, and many companies’ earnings growth rates far exceed those of large listed companies.According to preliminary statistics, nearly 30 companies are expected to have a profit growth rate of more than 100%.In particular, Yuanxing Energy is expected to grow between 7,022.3 percent and 7,316 percent, making it the “growth king” this year.Some people are happy and some people are worried. From the perspective of the situation of worry, some are also in slight deficit, some are in huge deficit, some are in deficit decrease, some are in deficit increase, some are in deficit turn into surplus, some are in deficit turn into deficit.And the cause of the loss, some because of the change of the external environment and industry development, is objective reasons.Some are completely their own management and poor management, is subjective reasons.A typical example is the pig breeding industry. Subject to the rapid recovery of pig production capacity, the market has undergone fundamental changes. The pig breeding enterprises, which were originally full of profits, have become the loss Kings one by one under the background of the continuous decline of pig prices.Ruxin Hope is expected to have a net profit loss of 8.6 billion yuan to 9.6 billion yuan attributable to listed companies in 2021. Zhengbang Technology, another enterprise in the same industry, is even worse, with an estimated annual loss of 18.2 billion yuan to 19.7 billion yuan, which will become a pit for investors.Some enterprises, because of the overall downturn in the industry, especially the impact of the epidemic, so that the industry can not have a big improvement.Air China, for example, expects an annual net loss of 14.5 billion yuan to 17 billion yuan.While Oceanwide holdings is related to its industry prosperity is too low, estimated annual net loss of 9 billion yuan -11 billion yuan, CFLD is as always “keep” in the ranks of large losses, estimated annual net loss of 33.1 billion yuan – 39.1 billion yuan.The most eye-catching, suning Tesco, is expected to achieve an annual net loss of 42.3 billion yuan – 43.3 billion yuan, is likely to become the annual “loss king”.According to suning Shopping’s announcement on the evening of January 28, the reason for the huge loss is mainly the provision of impairment provisions and investment losses. It is expected that the provision of various impairment provisions and investment losses will reduce the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies by 25.475 billion yuan in 2021.The total reduction of owners’ equity attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 25.475 billion yuan.So there will be such a scale of impairment and loss, in the final analysis, it is the management of the problem, excessive debt investment, excessive debt expansion brought about by the result of poor management.After the financial adjustment, suning Is likely to have an obvious performance rebound in 2022, and drive the rise of the stock price of listed companies.Through the profit and loss status of listed companies that release performance forecasts, it is not difficult to see that, on the one hand, the external environment does have a great impact on enterprises, and no matter large or small companies can change the impact of external environment on enterprises;On the other hand, how enterprises adapt to changes in the external environment, so that enterprises can develop more stably, is also a test for listed companies.Otherwise, the development ability of listed companies will be severely restricted.Only those enterprises with strong core competitiveness can effectively cope with changes in the external environment and remain invincible.