“Deshang Smart Manufacturing” shines in Beijing Winter Olympics

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On February 4th, the opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium.At the opening ceremony, the Chinese sports delegation dressed in bright colors and elegant shapes, highlighting China’s unique passion and elegance, which attracted the attention of the world.Dishang Group and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology jointly developed the costumes for the Chinese sports delegation and protective overalls for volunteers and staff of the Winter Olympics.This is the second time for Dishang Group to participate in a major national project, after making clothes for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.”In order to fulfill this glorious mission, we mobilize the resources of the whole group, no matter in production, technology, design, spare no effort to do, but also select the most experienced craftsmen, printers and high-level factories to cooperate with the development and production.””Said Zhu Hongtao, deputy general manager of Dishang Group.To show the world elegant “Chinese color” delegation’s appearance is bound to “peoples attention”, how can dress more add color?Is it pattern, color, quality or detail?To this end, from the fabric development to the details of the craft, di Shang’s development team spent a lot of thought.Raw material sorting, from hundreds of color schemes layer upon layer screening the most consistent with the design requirements of color.Among them, the production of white dress is even better: white wool is easy to be contaminated with miscellaneous color wool, so the factory chooses top white wool, using the rare white wool workshop in China to make elaborate;In terms of quality, the quality inspection link reduces the national standard cloth inspection speed of 18 meters per minute to 10 meters per minute, which is far higher than the requirements of the national standard to ensure the quality of every inch of fabric;In detail, the gold-plated button with the word “China” on the coat is fixed with a special horizontal handle to ensure that “China” is always straight and will not be oxidized and discolored…Dishang Group with “ingenuity manufacturing” let the Chinese Olympic delegation team in front of the world’s cameras show beautiful elegant “Chinese color”.”From the research and development of raw materials to the production of the model to the later production of mass goods, a whole set of processes are completed by The Dishang Group, in this process, we also overcome many difficulties.All the clothes of the delegation members were tailored in a single edition.However, many athletes are in closed training and it is difficult to collect personal body data during body measurement. Therefore, the master will record the body measurement video and send it to the athletes, asking them to make adjustments according to the ergonomics after measuring themselves.”Shandong Dishang professional tooling group project manager Wang Shuai told reporters.The reporter learned that some athletes because of perennial training, many parts of the body muscle shape and size are not the same as ordinary people.To this end, stylists build body models for each athlete and test them repeatedly before cutting to make sure everyone can fit comfortably.At the same time, due to the low temperature of the opening ceremony, the Chinese delegation to wear not only beautiful appearance, but also to take into account the cold demand.To this end, after several rounds of research and testing, the main fabric of the dress is 800g pure cashmere, and the inner side is attached with a removable white goose down ultra-thin down inner lining, to ensure crisp and comfortable. In combination with the cashmere coat, it can help the delegation resist the cold of -20℃, which is beautiful and not “freezing”.While the production of dresses to inject “new elements” into traditional work clothes is in full swing, the production of protective work clothes is also accelerating.”From receiving the task to the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, in less than three months, the dishang Group team was fully engaged in fabric development and sample production.After three plan adjustments, the work clothes of four industries including service guidance, accommodation, catering and waste removal are presented perfectly.”Weihai Dishang Medical technology Co., LTD. Project manager Liu Haiyang told reporters.It is reported that the work clothes made by Dishang Group for the Beijing Winter Olympics are made of medical isolation fabric, which not only has certain protective functions, but also highlights professional attributes and functional needs, practical and beautiful.Like the work clothes of catering staff during the Winter Olympics.Beautiful colors, breathable fabrics and waterproof materials subvert people’s understanding of traditional catering clothing.Clothing shape on the simple type open back apron type, both highlighted the service properties, and weaken the epidemic prevention clothes make people sense of distance and the tension, the back neck and the waist after using magic stick and the chalaza design, not only for single non-polluting type wear off, still can meet its fold in the original post work clothes to wear, such as isolation and protection needs.At the same time, there are mascots, logos and other relevant elements on the collar and arms of the uniforms, so that the staff can better display the image of the Winter Olympics and show the elegant demeanor of China.Winter Olympics grand event, the whole country concentric.After more than 80 days and nights of struggle, the technical design and production staff of Dishang Group finally presented the Chinese Olympic delegation’s full dress and splendid clothes perfectly in front of the world!Dishang people also once again with their own ingenuity and sweat, their name engraved on the glorious chapter.”As a Dishan, I was especially honored to see our Chinese delegation and village staff wearing clothes made by Dishang Group on TV.Especially when I see the beauty of Chinese clothes and the style of a big country displayed by their actions and actions, AS a clothing person, I feel proud and proud.””Said Zhu Hongtao, deputy general manager of Dishang Group.(Source: Qilu)