Work safety efforts to improve the effectiveness of supervision last year to achieve “double decline” this year to “two guarantees”

2022-08-28 0 By

(Dalian News Media Group reporter Ba Jia Wei Ye Mingrui) From the city’s emergency management bureau learned that up to now, the city has 20,737 enterprises to implement the safety notice.In 2021, the number of industrial and business accidents and the number of deaths in The city decreased by 12.9% and 9.6% respectively, realizing a “double decline” in the number of accidents and the total number of deaths.Our city safe production work in 2022 will be in accordance with the “justly and enlarge, strictly from solid, responsibility to the people, keep the bottom line” of the job requirement, in order to resolve major security risk as the main line, resolutely curb major accidents, resolutely prevent major workplace accidents, efforts to achieve the “two guarantees”, which is to ensure that the accident “double down” trend remains the same;Ensuring security and stability during sensitive periods.In 2022, the city will take multiple measures to promote scenario-based safety supervision and improve supervision efficiency.We will work hard to implement the four mechanisms and the three-pronged, three-pronged, three-pronged, and three-pronged systems.We will tighten the work safety assessment mechanism and improve emergency management capacity at the community level.We will deepen the three-year campaign to improve safety management.We will take targeted measures to prevent and control safety risks, make every effort to contain major accidents and avoid major accidents.We will carry out targeted oversight and law enforcement and crack down on illegal activities.We will continue to do a good job in propaganda and education, and strictly focus on training and education.We will strengthen disaster prevention and control and make every effort to strengthen the defense line against and mitigate disasters.To achieve full coverage of emergency drills.We will give priority to comprehensive exercises, and organize Party and government organs and the general public to conduct emergency drills for work Safety Month, National Disaster Reduction Day on May 12, international Disaster Reduction Day on October 13, and before the main flood season.Try to prevent big fires and control small fires.To carry out intensive investigation and rectification of fire hazards in the whole city, improve the public’s awareness of fire prevention, and ensure that there will be no fire accidents of larger size in the whole city.