The Spring Festival goods here are unusual!

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Bangkok, February 4 (People’s Daily Online) In the Year of the Tiger, the Barissa Power Station project company in Bangladesh, far away from the motherland, is decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations.As the first IPP power project invested by Power China in Bangladesh, the project company prepared all kinds of New Year goods in order to make the overseas power Construction employees have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.”This year, the most important part of our ‘New Year’s goods’ is the completion of the main plant, boiler steel frame, chimney’ three high to the top ‘major node, achieved the’ double victory ‘against the epidemic stable production, a solid step forward in the generation of electricity on schedule.”Barissa power generation company general manager Zhao Zhenqing said.For the heavy “necessities”, on the premise of epidemic prevention and safety measures, more than 1500 Chinese employees and more than 2300 workers still fighting in the construction of a line, meng is concentrated to seize boiler water pressure test, delivers the key nodes, such as auxiliary power, steam turbine cylinder to ensure the project to put into this year, into commercial operation,Bangladesh will vigorously improve the power and energy structure, alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand.In addition to the construction site “New Year goods”, the camp is full of beautiful things.”In order to ensure the food supply during the Spring Festival, to stick to a line of brothers overseas have a good year, we began to plan one month in advance to prepare, and to find ways to shipped from domestic organic apple of shaanxi, xinjiang corps gray jujube, zhejiang linan pecan, liaoning tieling hazelnut, disposed of sending out the motherland ‘necessities’ hometown flavor.”Project company trade union chairman Zhang Haitao said.In the kitchen, several north and South chefs have begun to prepare the “big” dinner.Braised lion’s head, boiled pork slices, steamed stone spot, spicy sea shrimp……From New Year’s Eve to the third day, south spicy north salty, west sweet east sour, big hot stove, very busy.Han Shuai from the commercial contract Department and Hasf, a Bangladeshi employee, were busy decorating the project camp, hanging up red lanterns, adding a lot of atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.”Before COMING, I was prepared to endure hardship.But to my surprise, I had good food, good accommodation and rich cultural life in the project. There are not only standard badminton hall and football field, but also satellite TV and 100 megabit optical fiber installed in the dormitory, which let my parents in China feel relieved.”Hanging lanterns and pasting Spring Festival couplets with Han shuai was also one of many Chinese New Year gifts Hasf received this year.”Our Chinese colleagues warmly invited us to make dumplings, send blessings and have dinner on New Year’s Eve together. We experienced the rich flavor of Chinese New Year. I truly felt the profound and profound Chinese culture and the friendly hospitality of our Chinese colleagues.”Like Hasf, the project company currently has more than 30 Meng employees engaged in business negotiation, financial management, comprehensive administration and other work.”Despite the severe situation of the epidemic, employees of the two countries have helped each other, learned and grown together like brothers. They have withstood numerous tests, pushed forward projects and forged deep friendship.”Hasf said.”Although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, I miss my parents very much, but we are participants in the belt and Road initiative and practitioners of China-Bangladesh friendship. If the project is completed one day earlier, it will bring more light and warmth to the Bangladeshi people. My family is worth understanding, and we also feel that this effort is worthwhile.I think, if there is any color, it must be Chinese red!”Han Shuai said.