The Chinese color in spring is beautiful

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The spring breeze gently dancing clothes, generous to the color spread, a huge landscape painting in the world between the spread, peach and plum white, green buds yellow, flying flowers crisp rain, willow and wind.Green tile, white wall, pink peach apricot, Dai Shan, green water, green bamboo yellow flowers.Spring deep, color thick, fan eye, infatuated.The spring world of this profusion, had waited for a thousand years in China, not from admire ancients, will all kinds of color, depict so exquisite soft wan, even the poetic style that the name gives is continuous, elegant and fresh.It has an indescribable Chinese charm.The Chinese color in spring is the most common and touching.01 “Liu Huang, with powder into the three green standard, and less gamboge huang.””Grass green yellow willow yellow” with the spring breeze wake up together willow bud, is light light yellow, with a little hazy poetry, the name of liu Huang is from here.I remember a dialogue between Bao Yu and Ying Er in a Dream of Red Mansions. Bao Yu said, “What does the pine color match?”Oriole: “pine and peach…Green and yellow are still elegant.”Willow yellow is a beautiful color, with infinite vitality, as full of vitality as spring.The peach Day burns its China.Thousands of thick fragrance, accounted for the broken spring.Spring banquet, peach blossom the most burning eyes, peach blossom is slightly deeper than aquamarine, pink, more delicate and charming, and “human face peach blossom sets each other off in red” good, thousands of years, still make a person never forget.Layers of peach and plum flowers on the mountain, cloud fireworks are people.The Chinese love peach blossom, which is the most simple and romantic, just like tao Yuanming’s peach blossom pool, the Chinese heart with the Promised Land, with the steed.In spring, the peach blossom dyed heaven and earth, smiling spring breeze, can if mingxia, brought warmth, splendid world.03 “Begonia at rouge color, independent drizzle.”Begonia red, purplish red, charming and gorgeous, yan and no vulgarity, and spring rain is the most suitable, begonia open, flowers pale.Su Shi that year, very love begonia, “only afraid of deep night sleep, so burn high candle shine on red makeup.”Spring begonias, just like the girl after makeup, pure and delicate do not break lovely again, natural and unrestrained and arbitrary, catch all romantic.Bamboo green is the color of the crisp and desiccating bamboo.bamboo, with its gentle and indomitable spirit, has entered the “four gentlemen in flowers”.ancient people said that “bamboo color is a gentleman’s virtue”.literati from all ages know that bamboo is like a gentleman.”Zhanbi Qiao, green bamboo green”, the new shoots in the germination of the land, can’t wait to drill out, absorb sunlight, crisp branches and leaves vigorous upward, less than a month of sight, it is lush, a dark green, bamboo sea leisurely.Spring breeze slowly, accompanied by bamboo, can be really free and easy.07 “Shuo Wen” in the record: “green, eastern color”, meaning that vegetation is born, all things grow, spring falls on the mountains and rivers, cangshan floating green, green water waves.After the spring rain, might as well look at the far place of the mountain, see the sky blue, Song Huizong that year: the rain after the sky blue cloud broken, so color do in the future.Created the handed down the sky blue ru kiln porcelain.”The e sky is blue after the rain.After the rain, the clouds split, and from the gap, the sky blue, light pink, no bright blue, but reassuring, like erratic rain and fleeting fog, a little attention to slip away, sky blue and misty rain, and I am waiting for you.06 “spring mo all spend for hair, an inch of acacia an inch of ash”, this may be the most affectionate color in the traditional Chinese color, she is not deep not shallow, not to the dark, not plain white, a quiet, a few silk touching acacia.When spring falls in the jiangnan garden, white walls and black tiles, dense gray, like an ink painting, nowhere is not white, nowhere is not quietly elegant.The prosperity of spring falls here just in time.Madadayo Yanliu, apricot flowers, hongliu green, just add luster, but never took the garden half points ya yi.There is an old saying: “the gentleman huang Zhongtong, is in the body, the United States to also.”Some people say that yellow is the color of the emperor, but as soon as spring arrives, then the noble bright yellow will be inferior before the rape yellow flowers all over the mountains and fields.The spring breeze blows, lotus root fragrance, rapeseed flowers everywhere rehmannii, butterfly dance among the clusters of bees busy, the breeze blows jinbogushing, intoxicating rich fragrance, white walls and gray tiles of Hui-style architecture, so that everyone who fled the city can find a home.Red is the most traditional color in China. It is said in the Book of Rites that “jacaranda, the son of Heaven is Dan”.Spring, how can not mention the Palace Museum of spring, into the Palace Museum, red walls, in the spring flowers and green leaves of the ornament, swaying out how much romance of spring.Willow rippling, brushed palace walls, brushed red Windows, brushed jaded white magnolia blossoms, like the beauty of time, making people stop and forget to return.Spring, the most beautiful Chinese color, let the Forbidden City through the 600 years of beauty into the Forbidden City.Chinese color, from heaven and earth all things unreal, the aggregation of thousands of poetry, flowers and trees, sky cloud shadow, as far as the eye can see, no can not enter color, blue gray, rouge, li color, moon white, bamboo green, flushed face, crow green, black blue, cotinus, red sandalwood……Every word is charming affectionate, like a young girl, zhu lip light kai, face be indiscernible red, body appearance curl up, China thousand years of beauty, are hidden in that twinkle and smile.Mountain is dai, water is bi, cui Liu yellow leaves, green wine red furnace, sunset river lake white, tide to green world.One color, can be a world.Look at peach plum white, willow yiyi, oblique apricot flower, wave he, look at lush vegetation, Yan Ti spring deep.Only the colors of China can make our lips sweet. These colors are our memories of beauty in our bones.When these names curl up nana to hit, landscape painting ink on the present dizzy.When spring meets Chinese color, a scene, a rhyme, charming sentimental, beautiful too square things.