Zibo Market Supervision bureau severely investigated and punished 5 illegal acts of price gouging

2022-08-27 0 By

Released on March 13, zibo market regulator on investigate suspected of illegal pricing ACTS reported left left left since the outbreak, for the price of the masses to report illegal clues, zibo city downtown market superintendency organization two stage market regulators to investigate immediately, has identified the shandong PuHuiYi supermarkets such as five suspected bid up the price offenses,10 cases of unstandardized behavior of explicit pricing were corrected.1. Shandong Puhuiyijia Supermarket Management Co., Ltd. is suspected of price gouging.2. Tinghao Convenience Store in Zhangdian District was suspected of price gouging during the epidemic.3. Huantai Chenzhuang Jiexin Supermarket is suspected of price gouging and has been ordered to close down.4. Zhoucun Weilin Supermarket is suspected of price gouging.5. The first Branch of Overseas Chinese Town, High-tech Zone of Shandong Ideal Life Service Co., LTD., is suspected of price gouging.In the next step, the municipal market supervision department will further strengthen price supervision and inspection, step up law enforcement and case handling efforts, smooth the channels for complaints and reports, investigate and punish illegal price behaviors strictly and as soon as possible, increase exposure, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and ensure the stability of market price order during the epidemic.In view of the large increase in the prices of some daily necessities, in order to ensure the stability of market prices during epidemic prevention and control and severely crack down on illegal price behaviors, this announcement is hereby made as follows: 1. Unclear or non-standard price marks.2. Manipulating market prices in collusion with each other, resulting in a substantial increase in commodity prices.Fabricating or spreading information about price rises, hoarding for profit, jacking up prices, cheating on prices and disturbing the order of market prices.For the above illegal price behaviors, Zibo Market Supervision Bureau will punish them severely and quickly according to the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China, Provisions on Administrative Punishment for Illegal Price Behaviors and other laws and regulations, and may impose a fine of more than 5,000 yuan and less than 5 million yuan.Consumers and all walks of life are welcome to supervise the pricing and charging behaviors of relevant units and operators in the city. If any illegal pricing behaviors are found, please call “12345” to complain and report in time.