Sun New Year table | “home self-taught talent”!Hangzhou net red bakery owner’s Spring Festival menu, envy others

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter He Huiting “mentioned that I want to eat hot pot, my husband booked a flight to Chengdu on the first day of the New Year, who knew that because of the epidemic, the ticket was cancelled again.”This is the N flights gao Meng has canceled in the past two months.Web celebrity baker’s wife of shop-owner basked in the Spring Festival menu “curtilage home every day, self-taught” Gao Meng is hangzhou bridge street get a “four gas mixed” baked bureau of the wife of shop-owner, at the end of November last year when they were reunited with her husband, from hangzhou to Harbin coincided with hangzhou outbreak, shortly after landing by local isolation, even remove after the medical quarantine, also can’t back to hangzhou for a few days have been cancelled flights.Because of this, Gao plans to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival this year.Her husband also came to Hangzhou early from Harbin to reunite with his wife and two children.Because gather less away from more, “inadvertently want to eat hot pot, my husband secretly booked a flight to Chengdu on my back, who knows the plan to catch up with the change again.””Then, enjoy the Spring Festival in Hangzhou.”After making up her mind, Gao began to plan the New Year’s menu.”A few days in advance to the supermarket shopping, two days before the Spring Festival to develop a good dinner menu, good dishes: the world rich flowers, lotus pond moonlight, full of gold and jade, beautiful mountains and rivers, cardamomous time, rising step by step, more than every year, a fortune.”In order to add a sense of ceremony, Gao even bought flowers online in advance as a plate. “You still have to have a sense of ceremony.”At noon on New Year’s Eve, Gao worked hard for more than three hours, and each dish was so ingenious and amazing that even she could not help exclaiming, “I am moved by my own dish setting.”This pink “Fortune flower on earth” (pickled radish) is Gao meng’s pride: “Purple cabbage juice, add a little white vinegar will turn pink, beautiful color and delicious.”She also competes with her family members in other places online for cooking skills — for several days, Gao’s circle of friends is envious of others.There are dumplings that northerners must eat during the New Year, and there are also famous dishes in the northeast, “chicken and mushroom stewed vermicelline”, which have both appearance level and strength.Gao is the owner of an Internet celebrity bakery, holds a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, and is the wife of a medical worker in Harbin. Her parents also work at a Beijing hospital.Because of this, Gao meng is more sensitive to the epidemic: “It may mean that my relatives and friends around me will be ready to join the ‘fight’ again.”Back in 2019, Gao meng and her husband drove back to Mudanjiang from Harbin for the New Year’s Eve. At that time, they were still watching the progress of the epidemic through radio broadcasts.On the first day of the lunar New Year, Gao’s husband was notified that medical workers in the province would return to work.”At that time, I must have been worried and afraid, but unexpectedly, it was my mother who immediately supported him and reassured him at home.”Although two years have passed, Gao was still moved when recalling the moment. “My parents are both medical workers, and they know the responsibility and obligation of falling on their shoulders and those of all medical workers.”For more than 50 days, Gao meng’s husband stayed at the First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. Gao took her two children home alone, coping with her 3-year-old son’s yearning for his father and crying every day, while looking forward to her husband’s safe return.There were many things that Gao heard from her husband after a long time: “Once, in order to rush the time, he sent suspected samples without protective clothing. When he returned home after work, he quickly disinfected his whole body with alcohol.”More than 1,000 kilometers away in Beijing, Gao’s father also rushed to the front line. “In order to save insufficient protective clothing, he once did not go to the bathroom for more than eight hours,” gao said.As a wife and son of a man, Gao meng hopes that “the fight against the epidemic will end in a real sense.”Therefore, Gao also cherishes the time spent with her family.”Last year my parents came from Beijing to spend the Spring Festival with me. This year they can’t come to Hangzhou, but my father calls me several times every day.”On her wechat post, Gao wrote: “Spring Festival is about getting together with loved ones and being missed by those you can’t get together with but love.”