Sun Haiyang’s first Spring Festival after finding his son: my mouth is laughing crooked

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“Before, I was so afraid of Chinese New Year. I just wanted to beg someone not to let me have Chinese New Year.This year’s Spring Festival is a bit anxious, the couplet has been posted already, the net friend said my mouth smile crooked.”Sun told reporters that for his family, the 2022 Spring Festival will be different from every other Spring Festival. “The family will be truly together.”After 14 years, Sun Haiyang, one of the original characters in Dear, has found his son Sun Zhuo. After the father and son met, Sun Zhuo chose to return to his biological parents.In the Spring Festival of 2022, the five members of Sun Haiyang’s family went back to their hometown of Jianli, Hubei province for the first New Year after their reunion.”Perfect” before afraid of the New Year, this year’s New Year some anxious, put up in advance and so on.”On January 29, Sun Haiyang was busy pasting couplets in his hometown of Jianli.For this reunion, he “got a table that can seat more than 20 people and went shopping with Zhuo Zhuo ma early.”Hubei jianli, Sun Zhuo grandmother in order to meet Sun Zhuo home New Year’s day, specially decorated with red flowers outside the green leaves of the tree, hai-yang sun, “such a cold day see home blooming flowers, I am very puzzling, carefully see the roots, mother don’t know where to pick up flowers tied to the above, almost seduced regardless of the season.”In previous years, before finding Sun Zhuo, sun Haiyang would go to the earth temple in the village whenever he went back to jianli. “I would bring some fruits and some incense paper to worship, and then I would kneel and kowtow.Because of my special situation, I would pitifully say a lot of good things to the Lord Earth.”After finding Sun Zhuo, Sun Haiyang said, “This year the Lord of the earth will continue to go there, not so much good words, bless peace and health, steamed stuffed bun steamed bread business is very satisfied……”In the video, live broadcast, photos, sun Haiyang posted all related to life, are filled with beaming atmosphere, quite different from the previous 14 years of searching for his son, Sun haiyang told everyone, “I am very happy ah, netizens say, my mouth is smiling.”Brand new From once day after day, year after year to find their son’s hard and helpless, to now every day to share the happy family get along with the details, Sun Haiyang and his wife face smile obviously more up, as Sun Haiyang joked, “after finding Sun Zhuo this period of excitement can not sleep”.After sun Zhuo was found, Sun haiyang often posted videos of the family getting along with each other. Some netizens joked that “the five members of the family have different passions.”The eldest daughter Sun Yue is generous, the second son Sun Zhuo is sensible, and the youngest son Sun Hui is hardworking and capable, which make many netizens full of good feelings towards this family and become “hardcore fans”.After returning to his biological parents, Sun Zhuo is gradually adapting to life today.Sun Yue, sun’s eldest daughter, took Sun Zhuo and Sun Hui, sun Haiyang’s youngest son, out for an outing. Sun Zhuo posted a video of himself bungee jumping that day on Douyin, with the caption, “Life is to never stop moving forward, bear the sadness, but still have the courage to meet the sunrise.”The video has been viewed more than 9 million times, with some netizens saying, “This courage is Sun Haiyang’s son”, and others commenting on Sun Zhuo, “After this jump, all the unhappiness has disappeared, and the future will be brand new.”The story of Sun Haiyang’s 14-year search for Sun Zhuo has caused a great social impact, and Sun said he will continue to help parents whose children have not been found.Earlier, when the couple met Sun Zhuo, Sun’s eldest daughter, Sun Yue, could not go to the scene because she was in Singapore. She used “cancer” to describe the pain of the family over the years.For Sun Yue, her brother can be found, is the brightest thing in her twenty-three years.”Public engagement has become a very powerful and indispensable force, empowering not only our family but so many families of abducted children.”In the video, Sun expressed her gratitude to the public for their involvement and help in finding the abducted children, and hoped that Sun’s case would promote the reform of the household registration system, the improvement of laws and regulations, and the government’s efforts to tackle the problem of trafficking.In the future, “SEEING him take three steps and do two steps, he rushed to the stage and shouted to me, ‘Dad is ok’. I don’t want to mention those years in front of him.”Sun haiyang posted a number of videos of sun’s family reunion on social media, including a video of sun being busy at his bun shop.After sun Zhuo went missing, Sun Haiyang changed his name to “shop offering 200,000 yuan reward for finding his son”. Now that his son has finally been found and his family has been reunited, Sun’s shop has become a focal point for many netizens.In this regard, Sun Haiyang expressed his gratitude in the live broadcast, responding to netizens who want to buy steamed stuffed bun online “will try to find a sales channel for the steamed stuffed bun.”Reporter search discovers, Sun haiyang couple already registered a catering company recently.According to Tianyan data, Shenzhen Sun Jituanyuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established on January 13, 2022, with a registered capital of 1 million RMB, and the legal representative is Sun Youfei (Sun Haiyang).The company’s licensed business includes food Internet sales, food and beverage wholesale, food operation and sales, catering services, etc.According to media reports, the company was indeed founded by Sun Haiyang.When Sun Zhuo returned, he wanted to expand his business.But he saw a lot of stores that weren’t doing well and eventually had to close, so he took a new route.He opened a company to sell baozi, he wants to sell baozi through the network.For now, only sticky doubao is available, but in the future, other steamed buns and steamed buns will be considered. He is still learning related knowledge, looking for express delivery and many other things he learned from scratch.As for the saying of “taking goods” on the network, Sun Haiyang said, “About taking goods, I always don’t think I am taking goods. 14 years ago, I just hope my children can receive a better education to take this city. I make steamed buns, which is my most famous steamed buns.Today I just want to do their own steamed stuffed bun to find a channel to sell out.The Internet can also help more parents who have not found their children to do something about it and get their missing child notices out.”It is understood that Sun Haiyang through the cold chain steamed stuffed bun will be sent at the same time, in the product with a missing child parents notice.Source fast Leopard news · Shandong Business Daily