Scientific research “sticklers” in yibin University Town Laboratory

2022-08-27 0 By

The Spring Festival is a time for Chinese families to get together.For researchers at the Yibin Campus of Sichuan University, however, the holiday was as normal as usual, and some of them remained at their posts.Song Qiaoyu, a graduate of the third year of graduate school, is extracting dissolved organic matter from water in the laboratory. Through detection, we can know the ecological status of water and prevent water pollution.”Because of the low concentration of organic matter, there is a lot of waiting.Filtering a litre or two of water yields only a tiny amount of organic matter.”Song Qiaoyu said.Each extraction process requires patience, which is the normal and necessary quality of the researchers’ experiments.The timely handling of collected samples is also one of the reasons for Song Qiaoyu to stay here.”I have to stay in the lab because the water sample I just collected may change after a holiday.”Also sticking to the lab is Feng Yukai, a mechanics major, who is conducting research on “diseases related to the temporomandibular joint”.In 2019, his team carried out a series of cooperation with the Second Municipal Hospital and Xingwen County People’s Hospital. The research results have been preliminarily applied to clinical diagnosis and treatment, and improved the diagnostic and medical methods of related diseases.”All the students in the campus are still busy with their own projects and preparing for graduation papers, and our teachers are also sticking to their research positions.”Sichuan University Yibin Park professor Hu Xiaobing said.In the campus, there are a group of “unsung heroes” quietly supporting their scientific research work.Cleaner Shen Taixiang has been working for the yibin Campus of Sichuan University since its opening.”We clean up every day to give students a clean and comfortable environment and let them feel at ease in their research work,” shin said.”Students are still sticking to their scientific research work in the campus, and we, as logistics workers, should also stick to our posts and serve them well.”Customer service staff Wang Xiaoman said.Content source | Yibin APP reporter | Hu Yang Graphic editor | Luo Yanju Responsible editor | Yang Huping