Major technological innovation!The Ferrari F1 team introduced a two-section front nose on the F1-75

2022-08-27 0 By

In addition to the concave sidepods, there is another technological innovation in ferrari’s F1-75 — the two-section front nose!: as shown in formula one – 75, on the front wing assembly of traditional monomer was split into two (yellow nose section and in front of the front wing can be separately removed), this is the first time in the history of F1, can be said to be the major technical innovation, than before noto fulfills a promise – ferrari F1 rally for the 2022 season there are a lot of innovative design.Guess what the benefit would be: the front wing could be upgraded more quickly, eliminating the need to pass frontal crash tests.Under the budget cap is more conducive to cost control.If damaged during the race, it will be easier to replace.