Dream of red mansions, Cao Xueqin said that the impressive beard and eyebrows are not as good as women’s, the National football team lost to Vietnam, the championship is more and more difficult

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The Opening of the Winter Olympic Games coincides with the Spring Festival, which coincides with the beginning of spring. The spring breeze sends harmony and the Olympic Games accompany me. The whole country is celebrating the Proud Olympic Games.When the Olympic Games begin, there are always two football matches before it.The first is the men’s football team: in the Asian Regional final of the World Cup qualifier, China’s national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam by underestimating the enemy, making mistakes in judgment, performance and command strategy.Totally missed out on the Qatar World Cup, chartered a plane, stayed in a five-star hotel, and went home to learn from the experience and continue to wait for the quadrennial World Cup.One is women’s soccer.Women’s football, female style, even the absence of the main force Wang Shuang, but also turned the tide, the overall situation is set, beat Japan, smoothly into the Asian Cup final.Cao Xueqin in the dream of red Mansions there is such a sentence: why I am a handsome beard, not if the chai zai?There is room for shame.Probably mean that is to say, I am a man of seven feet, is not as good as a weak woman, it is not face, ashamed ah ashamed!Cao Xueqin is a great literary master, wrote the world famous “Dream of Red Mansions”, are so ashamed, and said that dream is the theme of the book, because of the dream and fantasy, dream, true false, false true true.When they hear the team’s 3-1 defeat to weaker teams, lost to Vietnam, thought the Chinese New Year, drunk drunken state had a dream, but then a thought, wrong, truth is that had to believe that the team’s really lost, lost in a great mess, fans know the oneself not drunk and sigh in clear thinking again, alas……Qu Yuan has a saying, “The road ahead is long, I see no end, I will search up and down.”Accustomed to failure, the team’s normal, there is far, what search, winning or losing the same, no matter how people say, ignore, also in the final and Vietnam, the entire strategic design is good also, just a little mistake, the end is not very ideal, bid farewell to the Qatar thoroughly, coach stand up and say, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, failure factors too much,The players worked hard.System, foreign aid, youth training, selection, thought, external capital factors, internal preferential treatment, national sense, sense of responsibility, pride……Today’s men’s football team is not as good as women’s football team, which is the verification of Cao Xueqin’s words, men are not motivated, just like Jia Baoyu in a dream of red Mansions, silver wax gun head, attractive but useless, don’t look at those qunfang, all have learned five cars, full of knowledge, personality and fighting spirit.As early as in the Qin and Han dynasties, many places in Vietnam were under the jurisdiction of the First Emperor of Qin. In this football match with Vietnam, the National football team conceded, full of absurd words.One netizen said, “If the National football team wants to win the World Cup, we should change the rules of the World Cup a little and hold a mixed match to ensure the champion. By then, no one would dare to say that the national football team is not good. Cao xueqin makes good use of homophonic culture.The national football team lost to Vietnam, more and more difficult.The omen is not a tiger tiger, some tigers fall flat Yang.What is the cause of the national football team’s retreat?It has been 20 years behind The Times.Indeed, the National football team from 2002 to the World Cup has been looking far away from the competition area, no deep, miserable.It still reminds people of the famous sentence in the dream of red Mansions: the world says that immortals are good, only money can not forget.