Build epidemic barriers together!The Zhanjiang Internet Culture Association actively organized booster shots of COVID-19 vaccine

2022-08-27 0 By

As the novel Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic remains severe and complex, timely completion of novel Coronavirus vaccination is a powerful means to protect the health and safety of the general public.In order to implement the decisions and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government on epidemic prevention and control, adhere to social responsibilities and fulfill the responsibilities of the Association.On January 26, the Zhanjiang Internet Culture Association organized the members of the association who met the requirements of receiving the booster shot and the members of the network volunteer service team of the Zhanjiang Internet Culture Association to carry out the “booster shot” vaccination activity of COVID-19 vaccine.At the event site, members and employees who participated in the vaccination lined up with relevant information, took the initiative to accept the temperature test, ID card registration and physical health inquiry of the on-site medical staff, and received the COVID-19 vaccine in an orderly manner.The network volunteer service team of the Association actively cooperated with the community health service center to carry out voluntary service of “vaccination”.Actively cooperate with doctors to do basic work such as drainage, issuing masks and maintaining the order of the site. The services are detailed in every vaccination link, and the knowledge of health and epidemic prevention and precautions for vaccination are disseminated to the people who come for vaccination, which greatly improves the efficiency of vaccination work.With the continuous implementation of “booster vaccination” throughout the city, the Association dynamically sorted out the number of eligible member associations and enterprises, and coordinated resources to promote “booster vaccination” in accordance with the principle of “as many as possible”. So far, more than 70 people have been organized for “booster vaccination”.Going forward, the Association will continue to pay close attention to the vaccination policy of the “booster shot” of COVID-19 vaccine and information related to the mutant strain “Arcanon”, accelerate the “booster shot” vaccination, and strive to meet all the needs to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Zhuhai.Sources: National Health Commission, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News, Guangdong CDC, Zhanjiang Health Bureau, etc