Blue, White and Red trilogy: How to start a new life

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Basically by the directors and actors hold up play, “the blue of the blue map trilogy” the worst part is accumulated over the years the family emotion and lust for life and death cut to the chase to the audience, there is no accumulation of antecedents, only from also just from Julie forbear restraint and the facial expressions of pain, the carrier of living never let the memory of the past in the past.For love and multi-person boundary, French treatment is very thought-provoking.About how to start a new life, action and choice, to inject a power to the audience.”Nothing straight can be made of the crooked wood of human nature” (Kant), this is the basic judgment of human nature.The pure beauty of human nature is not absent, but rare.This judgment can also be applied to the complexity of the situation.Blue, white and Red trilogy of Blue tells the story of Julie after her composer husband and daughter died in a car accident, from despair to gradually understand the truth of life, life out of the process of psychological shadow.The secret love of a husband before his death is a fact of human nature that cannot be judged simply by morality, and who can guarantee the permanence of feelings?Man is such a complex animal that he can neither guarantee himself nor demand others.The death of her husband and daughter gave Julie a chance to understand the truth of human nature with a huge impact. An extramarital love may be simple to judge whether one party is moral or not.Julie emerges from the morass with a new understanding of emotional complexity after meeting her lover, who is pregnant with her husband’s blood, and starts a new life.It is the greatest blessing for women to understand the truth of human nature through heart-wrenching events and awaken their sense of independence, which is the foundation of individual happiness.It is not as dull as expected, the film is technically impeccable, both the soundtrack and the pictures are very artistic, the French are good at this, the story is actually very simple, the woman’s mind, mostly internal contradictions, self-struggle, not big pattern, but very interesting.Freedom is precious, not to mention in love.Those who are loved become slaves of love; those who are not loved are slaves of love.Love is the most bitter of all sufferings. It is bitter and sweet when it is ambiguous. When it is madly in love, it is as glue as glue.It’s one of the mysteries of French art-house films.However, this will be moved to the audience used to bad grasp the heroine’s emotional nodes caused some difficulties.Intense string music + black screen + “female determination”, the narrative node construction mode that purely follows personal inner recognition, now seems to be a very skillful way to penetrate the early self-shaping of some audiences.This hyperbolic flow of almost purely personal events, emotional transitions is simple but does touch those who experience life in this way.Europeans are particularly concerned with expressing this kind of personal process, which is their “private life” in the secular sense.Privacy is a private matter in this sense.They do not distinguish between “private” and “private,” within the boundaries, only to me.In fact, that bright blue glass chandelier gave me the biggest shock.Life is flowing, the so-called corner of love, just like this glass chandelier gently turn a turn hit the wall of light and shadow changed.The first step to forget the pain is to go out, the second step is to go on, experience one thing after another, and gradually the original painful spirit is exposed to another level of freedom, as if rising from the bottom of the water and breathing in the fresh air beyond the surface.Blue stands for freedom.But when the heroine finally shed tears, I felt that it was not from despair to rebirth, but from despair to another despair.Implicit in the film is the heroine’s desire for freedom and the connection between the heroine’s spiritual pain and the audience.The despair and pain at the beginning were indeed well built, but the more pain the more numb, just like a bird without feet can never land, the heroine also lost everything can not land, but eager to land.In the song written by her husband, the heroine despairs over and over again, so she longs to break free.Can I think that the final tears are just the heroine’s numbness and compromise to despair?Since it is the story of the composer’s wife, the music is magnificent.The composer appeared in the story in the form of music. Whenever the heroine was sad or angry or unable to contain her emotions, the music of her lover would ring in her heart.Even though she tries to distance herself from her memories, she cannot part with her lover’s music. No one can take away her music from her lover’s cheating mistress, no one can take away her music from her lover’s music.It’s all about getting out of the way and finding that fire door where, whether you stumble or fumble, there’s always a chance to breathe fresh air.Escaping misfortune from lies, though not so beautiful, is a kind of hard recovery and a kind of liberation.The stubbornness and indifference, self and empathy of the heroine of the film are well represented in Juliette Binoche’s smile, which makes the character sufficiently observed and fully understood.In addition, the associated plot of the soundtrack also achieved a proper sustenance.Compared with “Red” and “White” as the theme color of blue accounted for a small proportion, but every “flash” is like a glimpse.Blue is a memory, is the last time the car three subjective color, blue is sorrow, is the first appearance of music, their faces masked beyond contain dim, is pulled down reflective blue droplight, blue is indifference, is to the woman ignored, blue is released, is the night, with swimming pool, and ends reminds us that easy to forget, it’s blue, is also the most primitive,Life, a fresh start.With music, the husband’s unfinished music, continued on the heartstrings.I like this design very much: there are several times when the music suddenly enters and the picture disappears, which accurately Outlines the feeling of losing words when the emotion is uncontrollable.Echo with “White” mutually inside and outside, can be called a model.The whole film is based on blue, blue is melancholy, freedom, liberation, every time Julie feels anxious, she will jump into the blue pool, in order to calm down.Every time Julie’s mood changes, a spirited tune plays in the background, heralding a turnaround.In fact, Julie has been difficult to let go of her love for her husband and daughter, she will miss her daughter on the blue wind chimes, and her love for her husband released in her husband and female lawyer’s affair, after learning that her husband had a lover, she suddenly relaxed, the heart has also been free.On the whole, this is a film with profound meaning.Thank you for watching, follow me, take you to know more entertainment stories!For more exciting content, pay attention to the local flavor circle