A woman in Henan province felt sad to help the sanitation man collect his salary

2022-08-27 0 By

On February 16, henan, a woman went to a bank teller machine to withdraw money, happened to meet a sanitation worker to withdraw money, but did not know how to operate, asked the woman can help to withdraw money.The woman looked at the sanitation worker uncle’s dress, without hesitation, promised uncle.Sanitation workers take is 3 bank cards, is three sanitation workers pay cards, each month 2500 yuan, sanitation workers uncle want to let the woman out together.When the woman to uncle input password, uncle directly told the woman password, tell the woman directly to help him lose on the line, uncle said not afraid, and tell the woman “a look is a good man.”Finally the woman took out the money respectively, will be three points of good money and cards to the sanitation worker uncle, looking at uncle in the number of money in the hand heart inexplicably sad……After watching the video, netizens have said that there are many people who do not know how to withdraw money using bank cards.It is true that many old people don’t know how to use cards to withdraw money from the ATM, especially in the countryside, this phenomenon is more common.In some savings offices, there are often old people who take cards and write down passwords and ask reception staff or security staff to help them withdraw money. There are also many old people who queue up at the window directly, but they do not know how to operate passwords and ask staff to take them out directly.Such a thing, I think encountered or should help, as long as a clear conscience on the line.After all, there are too few of them intentionally. Old people do not know how to operate without culture.However, these sanitation uncle can through their own labor, 2500 yuan a month of wages, I think is also good, many old people but can not find a job.