【 Talk 】 Tianjin “small bosses” work harder!The government helps us stand up!

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Some time ago, a friend who opened a restaurant said that there were too few customers to eat in the restaurant, and the rent and labor cost should not be reduced. The operation was too difficult to make money at all. He wanted to close the restaurant and go to work by himself.This friend, engaged in the catering industry for more than ten years, a few years ago did make money, bought a house for a car life quite moist, until catch up with the epidemic, like the TV play, the cause of the lack of confidence “can not rise”.To be frank, for small and micro businesses, difficulties come year after year, especially this year.It has been more than two years since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which has disrupted the pace of production and operation with high costs and unsatisfactory business conditions.At the same time, the salary of employees should not be reduced, the loan of the bank must be repaid, the rent of the landlord should not be delayed, and the managers are under great pressure. There are many people who have the same idea as the friend, “It is better to put down”.The difficulties of small and micro enterprises are the difficulties of “small bosses”, but also the difficulties of the whole society. Everyone sees them in the eyes, anxious in the heart.After the closing of the “two sessions” this year, Premier Li Keqiang made it clear at the press conference that the tax rebate priority should be given to small and micro enterprises, because small and micro enterprises are large and wide, supporting the employment population, and now they are the most capital tight, the most difficult time.Small and micro businesses are still facing severe difficulties, and the foundation for sustained economic recovery is not yet solid, a spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics said in a briefing on the national economy in the first two months of 2022 on March 15.Confidence should not collapse, and small and micro businesses should not fail. We must help them “shore up”.On March 25, The General Office of the Tianjin Municipal Government issued several measures for Assisting Enterprises and supporting the development of market players, which went into effect on the 25th of the same day.The measures consist of 15 clauses, which can be summed up in just a few words after careful reading. The first is to reduce taxes and fees, rent, financial fees and profits.The second is to help, to help enterprises expand the market;The third is to improve the examination and approval services and increase support for market entities.It can be seen that the government is serious about putting out real money and silver. The core goal is to give encouragement and blood transfusion to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that encounter difficulties. We should not let them fall on the eve of victory.Method has been, after the most core is two words – implementation.We found that the “Measures” implemented each policy to the specific implementation of the unit, clear division of responsibility left contact information, that is, let the implementation of the unit made a military warrant.Small and micro businesses are the foundation for employment and social stability. There is no need to say more about this.Many of my relatives, friends, classmates and fellow villagers work in small and micro enterprises, or they themselves are entrepreneurs and small bosses of small and micro enterprises.In ordinary days, for many people, hiring a few helpers to open a noodle restaurant, joining a car washing shop, or investing in a small company have found a way to make money for themselves subjectively and provided employment opportunities for the society objectively. It is a choice that benefits many people.Under the epidemic, the situation has changed, many small bosses have the word “difficult” written on their forehead, will inevitably have the idea of “lying down”.Those who know, do not complain;He who knows himself does not blame others.Facing the mountain of COVID-19, we have always wanted everyone to work together. We have the determination to fight hard, the confidence to win the final victory, and the perseverance to return to a normal future.Now “measures” introduced, like a timely rain in the spring, for small and micro enterprises encountered difficulties, the government in the greatest sincerity, can give as much as possible, can help as much as possible to help;For you and me, can support also try to help, let the side of small and micro enterprises as soon as possible to restore the vitality and heat of the past!After hearing the news, the friend who opened the restaurant also gave up the idea of giving up and began to study the details of the “measures”, striving to reduce the rent expenditure, obtain financial support, recover as soon as possible, and “branch out” earlier on the road of catering.(Commentator Peng Cha-cha) Source: Jin Yun