Provincial and municipal key projects niutian Yang express channel Niutian Yang bridge south main tower successfully capped

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Caps!Yesterday morning, the provincial and municipal key project niutian Yang Express channel news again – Niutian Yang bridge south main tower successfully capped, so far, the bridge north and south main tower are capped, 182.9 meters high, shantou has been built, under construction in the bridge worthy of the “first high” main tower.The niutian Yang Bridge is about 4 kilometers long and the main bridge is 955 meters long. It is designed as a double-deck cable-stayed bridge with double towers and cable planes shared by rail.There are two main towers on the north and south banks of the bridge, each of which is equivalent to a 60-storey building. The concrete pouring volume of a single main tower is 15,000 cubic meters.Why is the main tower of niutian Yang Bridge so high?According to Yang Haitao, the technical director of the South Bank No.2 Work Area, this is because the niutian Yang Bridge is a double-deck cable-stayed bridge built by road and track. The upper part is an eight-lane highway, and the lower part is a double-track light rail, so the bridge load is large.The bridge spans the north and south banks of the Rongjiang River, where the channel is navigable standard for 10,000 tons of sea vessels, navigable grade and high standard;This area is also the anchorage area, navigation safety requirements are high, to meet the navigable clear width and navigable clear height requirements, the main span of 468 meters.”When the load is large and the span is large, it requires the main tower to be high. At that time, 120 cables extending from the north and south sides of the tower body will be pulled tightly with the maximum tension of more than 700 tons, so that it flattens the river surface and connects the two sides of the Rongjiang River.”Yang haitao said.The construction area of the main pylon pier of Niutianyang Super large Bridge is characterized by complex geological conditions, deep silt, great changes in formation lithology and development of underground boulders, making the construction difficulty among the top in China.How do you build such a high main tower?Yang Haitao introduced that the main tower pier foundation uses bored cast-in-place piles, each cap set 40 large diameter super-long cast-in-place piles, by steel cylinder and reinforced concrete pile foundation to form the pile foundation structure of the main body of the force.80 super-long bored piles stand on the rock layer more than 100 meters deep in the Rongjiang river system, guarding the safety of the bridge like steel guards and witnessing the continuous climb of the main tower.The main pier cap is made of permanent steel box, the cross-sectional area is about 7 basketball court size, and the poured concrete volume exceeds 13,000 cubic meters.The main tower adopts the shape of cuo horn head and flying heron with chaoshan local characteristics. The tower consists of lower tower column, post-pouring belt and lower beam, middle tower column and middle beam, upper tower column and upper beam.In order to make the main tower quickly and safely “grow high”, the construction adopts special hydraulic automatic climbing mold technology, divided into 33 sections for “stacking wood” construction.The project department rationally arranged large tower cranes, adopted BIM technology to simulate construction, and ensured the construction safety and quality of the main tower by measuring precise positioning and monitoring linear detection technology.In the construction, China Railway Bridge Bureau planned ahead, organized carefully, strengthened safety, quality and precision control, overcame a series of problems such as complicated geological conditions, mass concrete pouring and material transportation difficulties, and turned the main tower from design to reality step by step.Yesterday morning, after nearly 3 hours of continuous pouring, the south main tower successfully capped, down the south tower will be dismantled, anti-corrosion coating and other construction.Looking far, the two main towers are like giants standing side by side on the Banyan River, implying the cultural connotation of “The head of the house is born with charm, and the flying herons sing the cattle and the ocean”.With the completion of the main tower, niutianyang Bridge and the underwater approach bridge have been fully transferred to the erection of the upper structural steel truss beam construction phase. It is expected to carry out cable hanging construction next month, striving to realize the closure of the main bridge in the middle of the year, and will become a landmark bridge in Shantou Bay that can be called “strength and appearance level responsibility”.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: