Male superiority may be a thing of the past, but now it seems that daughters are the winners

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Here is the mini workshop, welcome to my text channel!As the title indicates: male superiority may have been a thing of the past, but now it seems that the one who gives birth to a daughter is the winner.Now people have less and less awareness of the traditional way of raising children in their old age, because it simply does not mean and if a son is born, it is simply a constant annoyance.Some jokes on the Internet seem to be advocating that having a daughter is a winner in life, while having a son is like falling from the abyss!Is actually appear such circumstance and marriage market now has a lot to do, keep son all need to give him a car to buy a house get married to use, is now the knot a marriage is the need to spend almost the parents of the rest of your life savings may be not enough, and also need to constantly subsidies a son after marriage.It seems that the most important thing about having a son these days is passing on the family name.A lot of parents who gave birth to their son are thrifty at ordinary times, dare not eat dare not buy because they are paving the way for their son!Parents of daughters, on the other hand, are free to do whatever they want because they don’t have to help their children buy a house, a car and the stress of later life is much less.Later even married is also more than a person to take care of the woman’s family.It seems to be a return to the old matriarchal society, where women are superior to men.In fact, in my opinion, whether it is to give birth to boys or girls is the blood of parents are irreplaceable, but also to admit that a reality is now the pressure of boys can be said to be unprecedented big ah!The current wealth code is to brainwash women into promoting so-called feminism and teaching them how to squeeze more money out of their boyfriends and husbands.It seems that men do not dig out the heart and liver to women are not sincere performance!Such abuse is widely believed by many young women.So now it seems that the trouble of giving birth to a son will be much less, because as a woman, as long as the problem is not particularly difficult, it is almost impossible to get married.Because now men seem to have no right to choose their marriage partners, it seems that the marriage market is superior to women no matter how poor their conditions are because they can have children!There are 30m more women than men-and the unmarried figure is a pretext for some women to be as unruly as they are now.Some friends around me also seem to reflect this. The parents of sons have already worked hard for half their lives and finally retired. They just want to enjoy life with retirement salary, but they are forced back to reality by their son.So I have to go out to find a job and continue to contribute to the happy life of my son and his family!Those who have daughters are very comfortable living their own retired happy life, because it is almost impossible to see mother-in-laws and father-in-laws will work for their daughter’s family to earn money.The only thing you need to worry about having a daughter is not being bad.As long as there’s no problem with that, having a daughter is the most cost-effective experience.Having a son now seems worthless except for the fact that the family name will continue in the future, but having a daughter, the day of becoming a monk, may be a little sad and the rest is a happy moment!In the past, men were inferior to women because in the past, it was an agricultural civilization. The labor force in the home was more and the rations were more. Now, the situation is different, so the status of men is declining very seriously.