French President and Bagmore leaders have had a phone conversation on the situation in Ukraine

2022-08-26 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Paris, February 26 (reporter Tang Jixing Jianqiao)French President Emmanuel Macron held separate phone calls with the leaders of Belarus, Georgia and Moldova on Thursday to discuss the situation in Ukraine.According to the Elysee Palace on Sunday, Macron said in a telephone conversation with His Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko that “the consequences of Belarus allowing Russia to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory are extremely serious.”Mr. Macron urged Mr. Lukashenka to demand as soon as possible the withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory and to cooperate with the international community in a humanitarian relief operation for Ukrainians.According to the Belarusian presidential website, the Belarusian and French leaders discussed Belarus’s position and its involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.Speaking about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, Mr Lukashenka called it “false information”.On the prospect of peace talks with Ukraine, Mr Lukashenka said they were “ready to take place anywhere in Belarus”.In a phone call with Georgian President Mikheil Zulabishvili and Moldovan President Mikhail Sandu, Macron said the three presidents would closely monitor the situation in Ukraine and stay in communication.Macron said France supports Georgia and Moldova in defending their sovereignty and security.Macron also invited Zulabishvili to Paris for talks next week.French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Thursday that France is concerned that Russia’s military operations in Ukraine could extend to Moldova and Georgia, French media reported.The French presidential office also announced that France has decided to provide Ukraine with more military defense equipment and fuel support to counter the military actions of the Russian army, and will take measures to freeze the financial assets of Relevant Russian officials and strengthen economic and financial sanctions against Russia.Source: Xinhua