Delayed service, online service, self-service Service Wuhan Public Security Spring Festival Government Affairs Service “Open”

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During the Spring Festival, the city’s public security organs surrounding residents travel and registration do as requirements, such as the delay service, online office, self-help, handheld run, launched the “household business not close” New Year’s eve, “10 traffic convenient service measures”, “the entry and exit the green channel” measures, such as public security administrative service for the enterprise, the masses, do a cumulative amount of more than 8000 times.New Year’s Eve is the day of family reunion, is also the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s public security household window “closed”, for the masses in need to provide all kinds of household business management and consulting services.Early in the morning, eight ethnic minority students from East Lake Middle School, who had stayed in Wuhan for the Spring Festival, came to the public security window of wuchang District Guoshuihu Street Administrative Service Center. Xi Min, a police officer, and auxiliary police took them to check information, take photos and fingerprint. In a short time, they completed the business of exchanging their ID cards.Get the ID card to get vouchers, the students who were worried about the impact of the college entrance examination were finally relieved.The day before New Year’s Eve, Xi Min suddenly received a call from his teacher at East Lake Middle School. Some ethnic minority students’ ID cards were about to expire and they had not returned home during the Spring Festival. They could not apply for id cards in their hometown, fearing that it would affect the college entrance examination.Xi replied immediately that he could change his ID card in Wuhan.On January 30th and 31st, 22 students in two groups came to the public security window of the administrative service center of Fruit Lake Street for the replacement of their id cards.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the wuhan Public Security Traffic management department launched 10 convenient service measures, which were well received by the public, highlighting the service characteristics of “delay, online, appointment”, so that the public can conveniently handle the driving business during the Spring Festival through a variety of ways.From New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the New Year, the network Office center of the DMV handled 18 vehicle driving management services, including replacement of motor vehicle license plate and driving license, and accepted 7,498 transactions in total.A total of 551 cases of business have been accepted by the three unmanned vehicle management offices, and 141 cases of business have been handled by various delay service outlets.The Exit and Entry Administration department of wuhan Public Security has launched a “green channel” for those who need to leave the country urgently during the Spring Festival.At noon on February 4th, Mr. Deng and his family happily packed their bags and prepared to travel to Macao.Mr. Deng anxiously to the Exit and entry window of the Public Security bureau of the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone for help, police Sijun after understanding the situation, the documents handed over to Mr. Deng, so that the family’s journey can be smoothly.During the Spring Festival, the Exit-entry Administration Bureau of wuhan Public Security Bureau also provides exit-entry consulting services through the 12367 hotline and wuhan Exit-entry official Weibo.At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the qiaokou district public security permit center started a warm delay service on Feb 5 and 6, the fifth and sixth day of the lunar New Year.Mr. Tu accidentally lost his wallet and his ID card when he had dinner on New Year’s Eve, which brought great inconvenience to his life.After learning of the qiaokou District public Security permit center’s delayed Spring Festival service, he made an appointment to get his ID card reissued before Feb 5 and went to the card office early on the same day.Police Wu Yiwen not out of ten minutes for him to do a good id card reapplication business, and made a temporary ID card.During the Spring Festival, the people who came to do business took the initiative to say “Happy New Year” to the police, so that the police more realize that adherence is the most special “Taste of the New Year”.(Wu Gongxuan)