Sparrows are widely distributed all over the world. How to feed the young sparrows

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Sparrows are small birds, and they are very similar in size and color.Usually brown, black speckle shape, so commonly known as sparrow.Small sparrows can be fed with a syringe. Hold the small sparrow with one hand and open its mouth with the other hand, and hit the liquid food in the syringe into the mouth of the small sparrow.The smaller sparrows that have grown up can eat by themselves, and you can put food to its mouth and let it eat by itself.Small sparrows belong to omnivorous birds, inhabit near residential areas and fields, mainly feed on grain.The young sparrows will forage around during the day, and their range is within 2.5 to 3 kilometers.When the grain is ripe, they fly in large groups to the fields to eat it.Young sparrows will eat some insects during the breeding period, and mainly raise their young by insects that harm gramineae plants, most of which are lepidopteran pests.In summer and autumn, small sparrows mainly feed on grass seeds, while in winter and early spring, small sparrows mainly feed on weeds and wild grass seeds, as well as all kinds of food discarded by human beings.It takes about 30 days for a baby sparrow to hatch until it can fly on its own. At this time, its flight ability is limited and it also needs to be fed.For the newborn sparrow, prepare a syringe and give it some liquid food.Liquid food can choose chicken feed, egg yolk, eggshell powder and water into a paste, the best feed a few times a day, at least every 2-3 hours to feed once.When feeding the baby sparrows, fix the mouth of the baby sparrows with the thumb and index finger of the hand holding the baby sparrows, and then feed them with the other hand.Be careful not to feed too much, and stop feeding when you see his crop bulging slightly.When small sparrows grow up and start to molt, they can slowly change the feed into millet, sesame, millet, millet and other dry feed. At this time, they only need to keep quiet and they can eat by themselves.Small sparrow is growing when the digestion is very fast, feed it soon after it wants to eat again, can let it cry for a while it doesn’t matter.How to Feed a baby sparrow With its mouth shut The baby sparrow does not open its mouth because it is afraid of its surroundings.If a young sparrow goes without food for a long time, it may die of starvation.You can use a long flat piece of bamboo dipped in a very thin egg yolk water, in its mouth to lead it to eat, as long as it opens the mouth to feed.If the sparrow does not open its mouth to eat, it has to be manually forced to open its mouth before feeding.Feed it a couple of times, maybe a day or two, and it will open its mouth as soon as you get your hands close enough, and then gradually replace it with bird feed.Let the small sparrow grow up and set it free. The wild bird had better set it free.