Long back road people in the rain to protect road safety

2022-08-25 0 By

Rednet moment January 25 – (correspondent Liao Haojiang) January 23 morning, G320 line long back to the south Yue Temple section, a number of road maintenance workers are patrolling the road in the rain.Spring Festival traffic flow, orange figure is very busy, sometimes check hidden dangers, disease disposal, and sometimes clear roadblocks, dreading traffic, the masses in the home reunion road all the way happy.Since the launch of the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush, the Longhui County Road Construction and Maintenance Center has quickly implemented the work deployment of the county Party Committee and the county government, and entered the emergency state of road security for the Spring Festival travel rush.The director of the center is responsible for the overall responsibility, in charge of the leadership of the division, the grid management of each maintenance area, and the establishment of a command system with full coverage.January 17, the center began to lead a team, the road to carry out hidden trouble investigation, comprehensive disposal of road diseases, repair S243, X006 and other damaged sections of the road, to ensure that the road during the Spring Festival travel season stable, safe and smooth driving;The center has set up a rescue team, emergency supplies and mechanical equipment into the front line, always pay attention to weather changes, ready to carry out rescue work;All maintenance projects under construction shall enter the shutdown or protective construction state during the Spring Festival travel rush, strengthen safety warnings, and avoid construction congestion;Built a central organ and the maintenance work area for 24 hours on duty unattended, adhere to the leadership shift, strictly implement the 2 hours information submitted to the system, at the same time, the traffic information released in a timely manner, in highway service area and the work area to carry out “a cup of tea” action, for the past by providing emergency food, emergency medicine, anti-skid chain, temporary heating and other travel services.”Today is the first weekend of the Spring Festival travel rush, and the traffic on the roads is increasing. We are all on duty to ensure safety and unimpeded traffic.””These days, the rain has not stopped, we all weather combat, shift, we must try our best to let the masses have a comfortable Spring Festival travel journey”, said Long Kai, head of the Small Shajiang Working area of the highway construction and maintenance Center of Long Hui County.