Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team will change coaches!Shi Hairong fear with CAI Bin to the national team, Wu Mengjie and other newcomers were delayed

2022-08-25 0 By

With the news of CAI Bin’s appointment to the National Women’s Volleyball team, jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team will also start the job of changing coaches.At present, the official account of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team has posted a message thanking CAI Bin for his dedication to the team. CAI Bin also said in an interview that she would resign as coach of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team as soon as possible.Some fans once suggested that The Chinese women’s volleyball team should be similar to European and American teams, and that the head coach of the national team could be the head coach of local teams.However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the concurrent mode is not supported by the volleyball association and the General Administration of Sports.In the author’s opinion, the main reason is that the National women’s volleyball team is busy with its training tasks. If it holds a concurrent position, it is irresponsible for the local team.So who will be the new coach of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team after CAI Bin leaves?Many Jiangsu fans prefer Shi Hairong from the youth team.Indeed, Shi Hairong led jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team to win the gold medal of the youth group in the National Games. She is a rare coach.However, Shi is likely to join CAI bin in teaching the national team.After all, for CAI Bin, in order to lead the team to achieve good results, it is necessary to form a coaching team.Shi Hairong, who also serves in jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, should be CAI Bin’s perfect assistant.First, Shi Hairong is not only the head coach of Jiangsu Youth team, but also the head coach of the national youth team. It is reasonable to choose him as a teaching assistant, and CAI Bin stressed that he would select new people to add to the team.Almost all the young players of the current age have been selected to the National Youth Women’s Volleyball team coached by Shi Hairong.CAI Bin to fast team, Shi Hairong is a good helper.Second, Shi Hairong can afford the training task of the team’s main attacker.CAI Bin was born as a second passer, he is not good at the training of the main attack, auxiliary attack and free man, so he needs to choose some suitable assistants.Shi Hairong was a former main attack player of the men’s volleyball team, and he was excellent at the tactics of opening up and playing the first pass and defense. He was in charge of the training of the main attack team of the women’s volleyball team, which was in line with the idea of “opening up on both sides and putting pressure on the middle” proposed by CAI Bin.It would be bad news for Jiangsu women’s Volleyball team, especially for the growth of newcomers such as Wu Mengjie and Yang Jia, if CAI bin and Shi Hairong leave together and join the national team.CAI Bin in this league, vigorously use new talent, with the old with new ways to help wu Mengjie, Yang Jia, Wan Ziyue and others grow.After a season of training, these three newcomers have made obvious progress. However, they have to change their coaches during their growth. If they meet a coach of average level, I am afraid that their growth will be delayed.CAI Bin’s guidance to the team members is very meticulous, small to how to follow a pass will do by himself, unlike some coaches will only say some chicken soup for the soul or blame the team members.If a player wants to progress quickly, he needs a coach.I hope the new coach of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team can cultivate good seedlings and don’t let them waste away.