It is a waste to shoot flowers like this. Have you made these 5 mistakes in flower photography? I will teach you how to correct them

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Spring has arrived and it’s a good season to take pictures of flowers.But there are some mistakes you can’t make with flowers. It will ruin your photos and waste beautiful flowers. In this tutorial, you will find five of them, and how to correct them.First, the vision is not clear enough.In taking pictures of flowers, flower also can have very good foil effect, such as the photo above, but the outlook if have blurred, vision must have clear, there will be the actual situation, and the photo above, although the prospect of flower blurred, but building in the distance, resolution is not enough, this prospect is wasted.In the following photo, the surrounding flowers are blurred, which serves as a good foil. The birds in the distance are more clear, so as to make better use of the contrast between the virtual and the real and not waste the companion flowers.This photo below, although there is no false or true, but the prospect of flowers and played a very good guide effect, increase the layers of scene, the prospect of spending enough clear, windmill in the distance, also clear enough, landscape photos, most of the time don’t need foreground blur, but if there is a vision, or a blur, a vision must be clear.Two, be unique.The photo above, simply, is relatively good, but he can be better, because the picture, clear too many flowers, though the flowers a blur in the distance, in contrast, but the flowers nearby, also can appear more cluttered, and in numerous flowers, like the image below, there is a distinctive, unique images, there will be a contrast, the more tension.The following photo is the same principle, for more examples, is to let you know how to shoot in a variety of scenarios, try to imitate, imitate more, can shoot.Three, close up.PaiHua and shoot people, if want to reflect a flower, that at the time of shooting, just don’t too far away from him, such as the photo above, it is a little bit a little bit far, cause body flower, flower seems smaller, and below the photo, also have and the actual contrast, main flower closer, more clear, specific details.Four, the sea of flowers should be open.If you take a picture of flowers, how can you look good?The photo above, it’s not that unusual. Why?Because the picture is not open enough, very crowded, the close-up of the blurred flowers, did not play a role in increasing the level, because the middle of the clear flowers, although clear, but too many, too messy, the distance of the sky, left less, resulting in the picture looks narrow.In the following two photos, the flowers in the foreground are clear. The flowers in the foreground are blurred, but the horizon is clear. In this way, the picture will look more open, and the viewer’s mood will be more comfortable because of the openness of the picture.Five, overlooking is not three-dimensional.When you pat flowers, you must pay attention to not being able to shoot from above, because when you shoot from above, you can only show one side of the flowers, not more stereoscopic.And if you shoot the flowers on the ground, flat Angle, put the equipment on the ground, and the same height as the flowers, it will be more three-dimensional.A flower, or several flowers, can be photographed in this way.Do you make these 5 mistakes?You are welcome to share your photos in the comments.Thank you for your likes and forwarding, photography self-study class, welcome to pay attention to.M file camera photography, is more suitable for novice photographers, listen to advice can be less detour scenery is good but not good shot how to do, these 8 scenery photography skills, must be able to help you