Dongan County Natural Resources Bureau held a “mirror” to promote reform warning education conference

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Yongzhou today – (correspondent ,) for the full implementation of the city, the county about change with case to promote comprehensive purification repair political ecology work deployment requirements, on April 2 afternoon, dongan county natural resources bureau on “rest” in case of special activities promote renovation warning education conference, meeting presided over by the bureau of the party group secretary Tang Deguang, bureau leadership team members to attend the meeting.At the meeting, the participants watched the warning educational film, read out the Work Plan of Purifying the Overall Political Ecology of dongan County Natural Resources Bureau’s Special Activity of promoting Reform with “Mirror Mirror” and made arrangements;Party secretary of the clean and clean party class, and all participants in the collective clean and clean talk.Conference pointed out that to carry out the “rest” in case of special activities promote renovation is the governing party in an all-round way and pay special attention to the style of the cultivation of clean government is an important measure, is also further strengthen the comprehensive governing party strictly, and for the enterprise’s important gripper, all staff cadres must enhance political stance and deep understanding to carry out the “rest” change with case to promote the importance of special activities,To Zhou Lifu, Zhou Xinhui, such as, three former party secretary serious disciplinary WeiFaAn for rest, determined to do in case is a guide, in case to promote change, self purification, self-improvement, in the spirit of “three at the” player of the job, abide by the moral bottom line, consciously resist all kinds of decadent temptation, always keep a clear mind, efforts to create a fresh air wind is politics.The meeting required the whole system to take the “mirror” to promote reform of the special activity as an opportunity to calibrate their thinking and understanding, adjust their own behavior, change the work style, to ensure that the reform of the plan to achieve practical results.All cadres and workers should be carried out through warning education and rectification, to ensure that we are touched in thought and abide by laws and regulations in behavior, to form a good political ecology of natural resources system, and to lay a solid political foundation for the sustainable development of natural resources in the county.Participants said that the warning education conference to alert people, touch the soul, in the future work, study and life, we will always tighten the “integrity string”, often with a disciplined heart, an honest person, steadfast work, take every step of the generation of a good man.Persons in charge of land and resources offices, departments and departments of the county attended the meeting.