Chronology: She was reborn in the eighties, became a top student, showed off her cooking skills, and suddenly became the wife of the governor

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!She was reborn in the eighties, became a top student, learned how to cook, and suddenly became the wife of a governor.Introduction to the novel: Mechanical genius Chen Xi meets an avalanche and regenerates his farm in the 1980s.In the face of poor home, relatives, neighbors, Chen Xi get rich hit face is very busy, by the way the object of the place.As for the people who want to calculate her, if they still regard her as a silly ‘little white flower’, then she this’ cactus’ minute into their doubts about life.Best clip: “Mom, do you find the head of your sewing machine slouching, and at a certain point it slouches too much?”Yang Fanghua busy nod: “rightness rightness, you zha know?”Chen Xi quietly turned his eyes, on this little problem, she knew at a glance;”This is too much dirt in the shuttle bed, and the connecting rod screws, conical screws may be too tight.And the cable in the shuttle bed…You feel the nose turn very sluggish.”Yang Fenghua see Chen Xi said that the parts of the instructions are there, frowning nodded: “you don’t say, listen to quite Youdao in.What do you suggest we do about it?”Chen Xi shrugged: “very simple ah, clean the shuttle bed, and add a little less sewing machine oil lubrication on the line!I remember we had kerosene. We could clean the shuttle bed with that.”Yang fenghua remembered that the bottom line always broke suddenly in sewing before, and asked: “How is it that the bottom line broke suddenly when I was using it before?”Chen Xi casually said: “there are several cases of this kind of problem, but we have this machine is the spindle spring screw too tight, it is good to loosen.Some small problems are estimated to be the previous maintenance of the master deliberately out, so that you find him more maintenance.”Yang Fenghua listened to the heart with anger: “This person’s heart is so bad, he repair za is not not to give money.I told you how our sewing machine has gone from bad to bad.He also said that our machine is old, so he deliberately sabotaged.”Chen Xi first used kerosene to clean the dirt in the shuttle heart, and added a small amount of lubricating oil.The side of Yang Fenghua as expected in the oil dirt saw some thread, compared to the daughter of a thumb, sighed: “read the university is not the same!”Chen just smiled. Universities don’t teach sewing machines.”The fierce wife of 80 time is the student with outstanding achievement” novel introduction: mother dies prematurely, father is not known, the illegitimate daughter Xia Mingyue that depends on another person, on one’s life is killed by uncle sadly die.Xu is god has an eye, actually let her rebirth to the day before the college entrance examination!In this life, she will never be led by the nose of the dog, do outstanding students, exhibition cooking, trudging the best, abuse scum, more harvest a high quality chief husband, in the 80’s mixed wind water!Highlights: “Uncles and aunts, when my mother was still around, who needed a hand in the family? She never asked me if I was causing you any trouble. Today, I would like to ask the elders for help.After just this out, the neighbors of the exclusion of xia Mingyue much less, by her so said, are some ashamed panic, hurriedly rushed to agree, Xia Mingyue life or the first time by such a good treatment, she in the heart sneer, quickly wrote a simple agreement to Xia Guanghua:”Anyway, I’m going to college soon, so why don’t we all cut ties today, and I’ll move back to my mother’s little house, and we’ll just leave each other alone as strangers from now on?”Xia Guanghua was trembling all over, but soon attracted by the words of Xia Mingyue, immersed in meditation.You know what they say, a daughter is a loser, not to mention a real one.Now everyone knows her dead mother left her some money, and if the bitch does go to college, he’ll have to pay for it.Anyway, she had already offended liu Kai and the factory director, so it would be better to disown her relationship sooner rather than get involved.Think of here, Xia Guanghua fumed to grab the agreement bookmark, anxious to let Xia Mingyue immediately disappear, but she also leisurely picked up things, before leaving half smile said:’Yes, I’ve been dreaming about Mother a lot these days, and she says she misses you and the neighbours, and may come and see them all one night, Uncle, and you mustn’t lock the doors and Windows!’Introduction to the novel: Fashion model Lu Ruan Ruan Chong is born in 1985 to a thin and black village woman in the countryside, who is disliked by her husband and laughed at by her family.Lu Ruan ruan of a positive energy does not complain, with diligence and wisdom, has been above the knowledge of The Times, change their fate, win the respect of all people.Highlight clip: “What about the sewing machine in your room? The sewing machine is my dowry. I have cut several places when I lend it to you for one day.If you are a peasant, don’t use it if you don’t know how to use it. If you break it, jiang company commander will compensate you!”Today Jiang Yueming is not in, LAN Miaomiao’s tone of voice has become strange, she certainly knows that since Lu Ranran came to the family hospital, Jiang Yueming has not lived at home, but last night he unexpectedly lived at home for the first time, but also moved the sewing machine with her.LAN Miaomiao, of course, could not bear it, so she specially came back at noon, saying that her sister-in-law wanted to use the sewing machine, directly took the machine back to her mother’s home, so as not to borrow Lu Ruan Ruan again.”I’m sorry, Miss LAN, as long as things are not lost, I still have to go back to cook for Yueming, so I won’t be here to chat with you. This person, last night suddenly said he wanted to eat noodles with fried sauce, big night, how can I get to him, like a child.”Lu Ruan ruan of course know this woman is intentional, but she also know LAN Miaomiao most care about is what, so she deliberately mention Jiang Yueming, but also used a very intimate tone, let the woman angry gnashing teeth.LAN Miaomiao was really angry half to death, she “bang” once shut the door, almost met lu Ruan Ruan nose.Without the sewing machine, lu ruan ruan was lethal. The clothes she designed could not be sewn by hand, so she made small items like headdresses and cloth bags to sell on the street the next morning.But she did not forget to play the whole thing. After tidying up the house, she bought some meat and flour from the market and prepared to fry the sauce in the kitchen on the porch. Lu Ruan ruan was willing to pour the oil, so that the smell of the meat could be heard throughout the corridor.That’s the end of today’s recommendation. Do you have any favorites?See you next time.Torture heart president: because the woman he loved died, he married her for revenge, torture torture……She dresses as a peasant girl, grows herbs, researches tonic food, and practises medicine to cure diseases. She becomes rich and rich.Ma3 jia4 article: Joe home finally banish in abroad of 2 young lady connect back, however do not know her ma3 jia4 countless abuse article “love you arrive at the end of life” after marriage, she just know, he unexpectedly because of a heart dirty marry her