You have a blessing from Greece, please check!

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, let’s listen to the blessings of Greece, a civilization as old as China, which is far away on the other side of the Silk Road.Greek writer Kazanzakis put it this way in his 1935 Tour of China: “If you go to think of a Greek, you will find a Chinese;If you look for a Chinese, you’ll find a Greek.Confucius and Socrates are two masks, and behind the masks is the same human face.China is immortal, bless the earth of China, this is the only country today where people can meet the distant future of mankind with pride!”This is a blessing from Greece, from the kingdom of wisdom of Plato and Socrates, from the birthplace of mathematics, astronomy and so many other sciences, from The “De” and “Si” (from the Greek Democracy, the first word of the demokassi transliteration, free translation is “Democracy”;And the transliteration of the English word “Science” (free translation is “Science”).More than 70 years ago, Kazanzakis’s predictions and blessings at an uncertain time in China still ring as loud as gold today.The wisdom of Athena, echoing in the far east;The ancient spirit of the East finds its roots in Athens.Let us bless our ancient and young country, and may it grow ever more youthful in the light of Greek wisdom!May the blessings from ancient Greece keep the wisdom of our dear motherland awake forever and keep the vitality of self-renewal!The Spring Festival is coming, we in Greece overseas Chinese, Chinese, bless the 5,000 years of history of the youth of the motherland!Bless the “virtuous” brave to take on the motherland!To the slow awakening of the “sleeping lion of the East” prophesied by Napoleon!